Best Indoor Plants for Stress Relief in the Workplace

Stressed at work? Manage stress by clearing your desk and making room for green plants that bring inspiration to your workspace. The American Society for Horticultural Science’s recent study reports that a mere sight of an indoor plant can reduce an office worker’s stress. 

Here’s some plants that The Plant Man recommends, that are perfect for office desks and cubicles:

Chlorophytum Comosum – spider plant

Spider plants or Chlorophytum comosum are great indoor plants to add to your office. This plant reproduces at a fast rate. It’s small counterpart from the mother plant that is commonly called “baby”, “pup” or “plantlet” has a high growth rate and develops slender shoots on its own. It also produces tiny white flowers which would transform into airborne plantlets. Spider plants are beneficial for your office because it acts as an air purifier, removing chemicals and pollutants in the air. The spider plant also has 4 varieties including:

The Plant Man - Spider Plant
  • Chlorophytum Comosum “Variegatum” – this type has dark green coloured leaves and is more compact compared to the other varieties.
  • Chlorophytum Comosum “Vittatum” – this type has a bright green colour with white stripes in the middle of the leaf of the mother plant while its plantlets also have yellow or white coloured leaves.
  • Chlorophytum Comosum “Bonnie” – similar to the Vittatum, Bonnie spider plants have white stripes on the center of its leaves, but with a slightly curled up appearance. It also has a compact size which makes it perfect indoors. 
  • Chlorophytum comosum – the most common form of spider plant, this type is generally green in colour with a lighter shade in the middle. 

Spider plants need to be in a bright area but not exposed directly to sunlight for it to grow to its full potential, perfect for brightening up your office desk.

Ficus Elastica – rubber plant

Rubber plants are ornamental plants that have a beautiful foliage that grows up to 2.4m tall among the indoor varieties if in a large enough pot. Usually they are kept between 1-1.5m tall. A few of these unique varieties include:

  • F.elastica decora – has shiny leather-like  leaves and grows up to 30cm long
  • F.elastica robusta – similar features with the decora but the leaves are larger
  • F.elastica black prince or burgundy – has leaves with a blackish red colour

The rubber plant grows better in a well-lit spot and thrives in warm environments. The leaves can be cleaned with a soft sponge or cloth to maintain its beautiful glossy look.

Epipremnum Aureum – devils ivy

Epipremnum aureum or devil’s ivy is a native plant grown in Australia and other parts of the world. It can grow up to 6 ft. and is poisonous to cats and dogs, so if you have a pet free office this plant will be a great addition. The mature leaves are almost the same size as the new leaves and measure about 100 cm long and 45 cm across. The leaves also have blotchy yellow colours. Keep this plant in room temperatures between 15-29 degrees celsius. Reduce watering the plant during the Autumn and Winter months also.

Philodendron – rojo congo

Like its name, Rojo Congo is a tropical plant that grows to more than a meter tall. Its baby leaves are red and brown in colour and turns into a burgundy green colour as it matures. This type of plant can be grown indoors and shoots up in humid conditions. You can take care of the rojo congo by spraying it with water or wiping it with a damp cloth. It is also a good air purifying plant for eliminating toxins. 

Sanseveria – snake plant

Snake plants have long curvy leaves that exchanges formaldehyde and carbon dioxide for oxygen. This plant is also called “Mother-in-law’s tongue” and can be watered every two-four weeks.  The snake plant can survive low lighting conditions and even droughts. They are a vibrant addition to any office space.

Spathiphyllum – peace lily

If you’re a fan of flowers, peace lily can give that cheerful atmosphere to any cubicle and office desk. This is a popular choice among indoor plants for hire Sydney because of its calming appearance. The peace lily  requires a good supply of water with overhead lighting for support.

Seffritzii – bamboo palm

A shade loving palm that is suited to growing indoors or on covered balconies, the Bamboo Palm will make a wonderful tropical addition to your office space. Also known as the “Reed Palm”, this plant is one of the best indoor palms for purifying air. Keep your workplace fresh and clean with this beautiful, dark green palm.

Which plant suits your office the most? Call The Plant Man and get the right type of plant that will fit your office space and its unique environment. Call (02) 9565 4440 now.