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Pothos Vertical cgae Plant hire for any space, look or feel

Is your workspace or corporate environment lacking vibrancy and zest? Looking for a way to naturally improve the air quality within your office? The Plant Man has a team of highly experienced experts passionate about transforming the look and feel of any space. By organising a FREE consultation, we can recommend the best arrangement to suit your visual desires and environmental needs.

Indoor Plant Hire

We focus primarily on long-term indoor plant hire with complete maintenance. From design, installation and maintenance to replacement where required: you need not worry about a thing.

Floral Arrangements

We provide an assortment of floral arrangements. Low-key elegance for receptions and showrooms, with show-stopping floral arrangements sure to impress.  Our services can suit any particular time frame and come with a complete quality guarantee.

Outdoor Plant Hire

We don’t limit ourselves to indoor spaces. For outdoor venues we can design and implement amazing plant features.

Plant Hire SydneyHappy Plant Tambour Office

Over our many years of service, we’ve been lucky enough to work alongside a large number of clients from many different industries. It’s been a pleasure to witness our plant arrangements and installations completely transform the spaces our clients work with and within – transformations they never imagined possible.

Plants bring life and vibrancy into any space while purifying the air. Their benefits are greater then you may realise.

Until recently, the environmental and health benefits of implementing plant arrangements have gone largely unnoticed.  Plants act as a natural filter, absorbing toxins and purifying the breathable air within work spaces.

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