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Is your workspace or corporate environment lacking vibrancy? Get The Plant Man in! Our team of highly experienced plant experts are passionate about transforming the look and feel of any space. We provide modern plant design, installation, maintenance and more.

Our plant hire & maintenance solutions in Sydney

We can provide innovative plant solutions for every unique work space, be it indoor or outdoor, modern or classic. Arrange a free consultation today for tailored plant services with arrangements to suit your space and vision.


Indoor Plant Hire

Breathe new life into your interiors with our indoor plant hire, from design to care. We can recommend the perfect plants to soften noise, clean the air, provide visual screening and so much more.

Outdoor Plant Hire

Create the perfect outdoor green area for a city oasis. We can design and implement amazing plant features in outdoor areas, balconies and rooftops to add lively colour and interest.

Office Planter Boxes

Planter boxes can be installed in a vast variety of styles and can be cleverly used to create appealing zones, guide foot traffic and bring new energy to open spaces. Explore our planter projects and ideas.

Living Art Series

Nothing brings the outdoors inside like living wall art. The spectacular and sustainable Living Art Series from The Plant Man can transform your office into a living, verdant environment.

Vertical Gardens

If you’re looking to make an impact or introduce greenery into smaller spaces, our bespoke vertical gardens are perfect. As well as looking great they can quieten, cool, divide and purify your office.


We visit your office on a convenient schedule to tend to your plants, ensuring they have the ideal amount of sunlight, water, nutrients and maintenance to thrive. We also ‘troubleshoot’ and replace plants as needed.

Floral Arrangements

If you’re looking for a corporate florist that you can depend on for stunning floral arrangements for meetings, showrooms, or trade shows, you can count on The Plant Man to deliver.

Healthy plants can benefit any space

Since 1991, it’s been a pleasure to witness our plant arrangements and installations completely transform the spaces our clients work in – both in visual appeal, and also through broader benefits. It’s only recently that the many benefits of plants have started to be fully recognised.

• Plants act as a natural filter, absorbing pollutants and purifying the breathable air within work spaces.
•  Plants can bring life and vibrancy into any zone, cool the surroundings and minimise environmental noise.
•  Plants can even lower blood pressure and improve productivity, as well as leaving a positive impression on staff, clients and visitors.

The benefits of having a healthy, green environment could be greater than any of us might realise, and we’re delighted that our services help to bring these positive changes to workplaces all over Sydney.

If you’re not convinced, why not let us send one of our passionate and experienced team members out to provide you with a FREE consultation and quote.

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