Office Plant Hire in Surry Hills

An award winning plant hire specialist, The Plant Man has grown its strong experience in designing, installing and maintaining industry leading plant infrastructure for offices around Sydney by keeping the needs, desires and style of our clients at the forefront of our approach.

A multicultural hub, Surry Hills places itself at the head of contemporary Sydney life, embracing sustainable, local and environmentally friendly cultural and professional spaces. The Plant Man has three decades of experience in helping to encourage this trend in Sydney offices, promoting the environmental and psychological benefits of a green environment and pleasure of transforming grey offices into plant havens.

Why choose The Plant Man services in Surry Hills?

Growing plants in an office environment is never an easy process, it requires professional experience to understand how to keep our green friends healthy and vibrant, not to mention a keen eye for style and design to plan the perfect plant arrangement.

The Plant Man prides itself on listening to our clients’ visions for their business spaces and using all our experience and professional knowledge to help bring it to fruition. Our packages are specifically tailored to suit each client and ensure that each step of the way you are properly supported, from planning the look and feel of your plant arrangements, to careful installation and expert maintenance.

The first step in our process is analysing the style of your existing design and engaging you in planning how we might compliment your decor and unique architecture with the right installations. Our standard plant options include everything from stylish pots and floor planters to stunning vertical gardens and our unique living art series.

We the install the arrangements, taking every care to respect your time and space, and finally we take care of the rest, from watering and feeding your plants, to changing their soil and replacing any plants that might become damaged or start looking old.

This holistic approach to our services in Surry Hills means that you can relax while we ensure that your office stays vibrant and green.

The benefits of The Plant Man’s services

Price: The cost of buying plants for an office isn’t just the direct price, but also the price of installation, maintenance and replacement, thus The Plant’s Man’s packages often end up cheaper over time than buying plants directly.

The Plant Man’s Designs: Our services come with the added benefit of access to our world-class designs and innovative plant styling packages, which are specially created to elevate a normal office into a stunning and modern workspace.

Impact on employees: Plants have become renowned for their positive benefits on the health and well-being of employees, from removing toxins from the air to improving moral and positively affecting the psychological state of staff members.

For more information on how The Plant Man can help transform your Surry Hills office, please call us on 02 9565 4440.