Office Plant Hire in Surry Hills

Supported by a team of award winning plant hire specialists, The Plant Man has grown its strong experience in designing, installing and maintaining industry leading plant infrastructure for offices around Sydney.  

A multicultural hub, Surry Hills places itself at the head of contemporary Sydney life, embracing sustainable, local and environmentally friendly cultural and professional spaces. It’s little wonder that this charming corner of Sydney has gained a reputation for its lush, plant-filled offices. 

The Plant Man has three decades of experience in providing professional office plant services across Sydney, promoting the environmental and psychological benefits of plants and the pleasure of transforming grey offices into green havens.

Why Choose The Plant Man services in Surry Hills?

Growing plants in an office environment is never an easy process. It requires professional experience to understand how to keep our green friends healthy and vibrant, not to mention a keen eye for style and design to plan the perfect plant arrangement.

The Plant Man prides itself on infusing our clients’ visions for their business spaces with our experience and professional knowledge, ensuring a stunning final result that reflects our clients’ style and needs. Our packages for office plant hire in Surry Hills are tailored to suit each client so that you are fully supported throughout the whole process, from planning the look of your plant arrangements, to careful installation and expert plant maintenance.

Our Surry Hills Office Plant Services Include:

Indoor plant hire and maintenance

Reinvent your workspace by transforming it into a green sanctuary that inspires creativity and productivity in every person that walks through the front door.

Our office plant hire specialists will help you create an office space that compliments your decor and unique architecture. We will then install the arrangements, taking care to respect your time and space. After installation is complete, we’ll continue to take care of the plants through our ongoing, holistic approach to plant maintenance. Our office plant hire in Surry Hills includes:

Outdoor plant hire and maintenance

Ensure your building stands out for all the right reasons with our outdoor plant hire and maintenance in Surry Hills. Whether you want to upgrade your office’s deck or building exterior, the Plant Man can help you combat the dull grey cityscape by incorporating a healthy dose of greenery that uplifts your building’s architecture.

To ensure that the exterior of your Surry Hills office remains as inviting as possible, our outdoor plant hire and maintenance services include:

Living art and vertical garden installations

Make a bold statement with our unique plant artworks that are as sophisticated as they are undemanding. Our professional designers will analyse your workspace and consult with you to craft a customised green piece of art that seamlessly integrates into your office. With a quick and simple installation process, your office will be uplifted by a lush living wall installation in almost no time at all.

Want to make a bolder statement? Our gorgeous vertical gardens are careful arrangements of plants fixed along a wall or other self-supporting structure. As well as looking stunning, vertical gardens actively minimise noise pollution, making them a practical design feature for the many open plan offices that call Surry Hills home.

Floral arrangements

Add a pop of colour into your Surry Hills office with our stunning floral arrangements. Our floral arrangements are ideal for corporate events or simply combatting the Monday blues through the power of colour. The Plant Man will carefully analyse your office design to build a bespoke floral arrangement that complements your colour scheme and highlights your building’s best features. 

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