Office Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are some of the most adaptable and common additions to modern offices. The Plant Man has a variety of classic and contemporary designs that can complement the look and feel of your rooms, transforming your corridors, corners and plain seating areas into stylish and vibrant workspaces.

Floor Planter Boxes

Floor planters are the classic single pot style, usually round or square shaped they are a flexible and elegant addition to any space. We offer these planter boxes in various sizes, materials and styles, meaning that they can be extremely versatile. They are great alone in smaller spaces or can be laid out in groups to create an eye-catching arrangement.

Trough Planter Boxes

Trough planters are larger, rectangular receptacles that create a clean, contemporary space for a row of plants. These containers are perfect for courtyards, as a green addition to plain walls or used as a divider in larger rooms. We can pair troughs with different types of mulch that can dramatically change the style of the set, from classic mulch for an organic experience to white stones for a clean contemporary look.

Joinery Planter Boxes

Joinery Planters are similar to floor and trough boxes, but constructed with wood and watertight liner. The use of the clean timber imbues rooms with natural, earthy tones that can really enhance the raw effect of the plants and soften the cold, hard lines of modern offices.

Desk Planter Boxes

These planters are smaller versions of the planter box that can fit onto a desktop. They can really liven up the plain, artificial environment of cubicles and desks, creating a fun or fashionable ornament to improve the mood of tired colleagues. We advise pairing a desk planter with plants species like Zanzibar Gem or the Peace Lily, known for their air purifying qualities.

Let The Plant Man Help You

Planning and implementing a plant makeover for your office can be a daunting task. Planter boxes can be paired with vertical gardens and hanging pots, lone centrepieces or an entire arrangement of plant pieces.

The Plant Man is an award winning plant hire specialist with over twenty years of experience servicing businesses and implementing stunning plant solutions. We can help you choose between your trough or floor planter, your Kentia Palm or Aglaonema, and design an impressive installation that will wow clients and reinvigorate your workspace.

After taking care of installation we will also provide ongoing maintenance, watering, polishing and maintaining the flora to ensure that it always look its best. We also offer replacements for any damaged or tired looking plants.

For a free quote on how we might partner with you to transform your office into a healthy, vibrant environment please call us on 02 9565 4440.