Vertical Garden Installation & Maintenance

Our gorgeous Vertical Gardens are careful arrangements of plants fixed along a wall or self supporting structure. They are a dynamic and striking centerpiece for any office and work just as well as an attractive indoor or outdoor fixture.

Benefits of Vertical Gardens

Our expertly crafted vertical gardens bestow significant benefits to the exterior or interior of offices and businesses:

  • They use less resources: Our wall gardens normally use an integrated, watertight irrigation systems and thus use significantly less water and soil than traditional plant fixtures.
  • They release breathable air: Offices are foci for harmful toxins, our bodies, air systems and technology all contribute to releasing carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other by-products that can really damage our health. A vertical garden is a fantastic filter that removes these dangerous pollutants and releases healthy, oxygen-rich air in its place.
  • They cool their surroundings: Vertical gardens are a natural source of temperature control. By evaporating water from their leaves they can reduce the ambient temperature of a room and humidify dry office air at the same time.
  • They minimise noise pollution: Businesses can be noisy, stressful places with doors slamming, printers whirring and traffic beeping outside. The plants of a vertical garden act as natural sound absorption, reducing vibrations and echoing, they can instill a calmer, quieter atmosphere to any business.

The Plant Man Quality Guarantee

The Plant Man has been designing, installing, and maintaining plants for businesses since 1991, winning 6 awards during that time for Excellence.
This wealth of expertise and history means that by hiring wall gardens from us we can guarantee that your plants will look fantastic and fresh on an ongoing basis.

Our service is holistic meaning that we support you through planning your layout all the way to maintaining and replacing your plants.

    1. We begin by helping you plan exactly how you want your arrangements to look like, using our expertise to design a vertical garden that will fit into the layout and culture of your business.

    2. After preparing the fixture we install it correctly, accounting for temperature, sunlight and whether it is an indoor or outdoor vertical garden.

    3. We then maintain the plants throughout the year, ensuring that they look vibrant and alive by polishing, dusting, watering and feeding the vertical garden, maximising its visual impact.

The fact that you hire our plants, rather than buy them, means that you have the added advantage of our full service and free replacements for any plants that start to look tired or old.

Please contact us on 02 9565 4440 for a free quote on how we might provide you with a stunning wall garden to liven up your business space!