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Sometimes, the best way to add greenery is upwards! Our gorgeous vertical gardens and indoor green walls are thoughtful arrangements of plants fixed along a wall or self-supporting structure. The Plant Man can create a dynamic vertical centrepiece in any office, including design, installation and plant maintenance.

Options for a vertical garden in your office space

Whether inside or out, there are several options when implementing a lush vertical garden for your office building. Here are a few ways we’ve already rolled out beautiful vertical vegetation as part of our plant hire, design and maintenance services..

A solid wall of foliage
When planned well for space and light, an abundant wall of plants provides a stunning and enduring backdrop in a foyer, office space or courtyard. We can install green walls in a variety of ways including with our Living Art series, and identify and maintain the ideal species for a healthy cascade of greenery.

A canopy of green
Overhead plants in pots can help create a spectacular rainforest sensation in an office, particularly when selecting plants like pothos that will continue to trail downwards as they grow. We can design and install overhead systems that are tidy and watertight, yet will uplift the entire look and feel of your workspace.

Lofty corner gardens
Sometimes a workplace may have higher shelves or space along the upper walls that’s otherwise unused, and these can provide surprising potential for a rich garden without taking up floor or shelf space below. We can also work with interior stylists to select ideal species for any dedicated cabinetry designed to hold plants.

The framework to flourish
A vertical framework filled with plants can be a brilliant way to screen off office spaces while minimising noise and distraction. We’ve implemented custom frameworks using both hanging baskets and trough planters to create modern, appealing room dividers. They look even better as time goes on and the plants thrive.

We’d love to help you explore the potential for vertical gardens in your office, whether indoors or outdoors. A free consultation and quote is the best place to begin.

3 advantages of plants in living art

An outdoor or indoor vertical garden can bring so many benefits to your office space, from employee wellbeing to positive client perceptions. Here are some of the best reasons to love a living wall of green.

Vertical gardens use fewer resources

Our vertical garden walls typically use an integrated, watertight irrigation system, and thus use significantly less water and soil than traditional plant fixtures. We can supply plants that will thrive in low light, partial sun or full sun for maximum plant health, depending on where the vertical garden is to be situated.

Vertical gardens cool and clean the air

A vertical wall garden is a fantastic filter that can remove carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful pollutants, while fostering oxygen-rich air. Indoor vertical gardens are also a natural source of temperature control. Through evaporation, they can reduce the ambient temperature of a room and humidify dry office environments.

Vertical gardens minimise noise pollution

The plants in a vertical garden act as natural sound absorption, and they are amazingly effective at reducing vibrations and noise from traffic, printers and general office din. As such, vertical garden plants can instil a calmer, quieter atmosphere to any business whether they’re installed on a wall or as a room divider.

We handle all the elements for green wall systems

The Plant Man team has been designing, installing, and maintaining vertical gardens in various configurations for Sydney businesses since 1991 and we’ve been awarded multiple awards for our approach. We can provide an end-to-end service, from planning your layout all the way to regular plant care.

  1. We begin by helping you plan exactly how you want your arrangements to look, using our expertise to design a vertical garden that will fit into the layout and culture of your business.
  2. After preparing the green wall system, we install it with care, accounting for temperature, sunlight and whether it is an indoor or outdoor vertical garden.
  3. Our ongoing indoor plant maintenance services ensure that your plants continue to look vibrant and alive throughout the year. We keep your plants in top-notch shape by polishing, dusting, watering and feeding the vertical garden in your office. We even replace plants if any fail to thrive.

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Indoor Vertical Garden Wall Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor vertical gardens in offices can be installed in various types of workspaces, including large corporate offices, small businesses, co-working spaces, and reception areas. However, it’s important to consider factors such as available wall space, lighting conditions, and structural support before installing a vertical garden. Consulting with The Plant Man’s team of experts can help determine the feasibility and suitability of installation in your specific office space.

There are a wide variety of indoor plants for offices that can be used for vertical wall gardens, so you can be certain that you’ll find one that fits the aesthetic of your workspace. Some of the best types of vertical garden plants include:

  • Epiphytic plants:These are plants that grow naturally on other plants or structures, such as ferns, and bromeliads.
  • Low-light plants: Species like pothos, snake plants, and peace lilies can tolerate lower light conditions commonly found indoors, making them perfect for vertical gardens in offices.
  • Succulents: These water-efficient plants, such as jade plants and echeverias, are well-suited for vertical wall gardens due to their shallow root systems.

When selecting plants for an indoor vertical garden, there are several crucial factors to consider:

  • Light requirements: Some plants thrive in bright, direct sunlight, while others prefer low-light conditions. This means that the chosen plants must be able to adapt to the available light levels in your space
  • Water requirements: Opt for plants that have similar water needs, allowing you to water them simultaneously. This simplifies maintenance and ensures that all plants receive adequate hydration. Consider the watering schedule and the ability to provide consistent moisture for your chosen plants.
  • Size: Take into account the available space in your vertical garden. Choose plants that fit appropriately within the vertical structure, considering both height and width. Pay attention to the potential growth of the plants and ensure they won’t outgrow the allocated space or overshadow other plants.
  • Maintenance requirements: Select plants that are easy to care for, especially if you have limited time or experience. Consider factors such as pruning needs, pest and disease resistance, and overall hardiness. This will help you keep your vertical garden vibrant and healthy with minimal effort.

As experts in vertical gardens in Sydney, the team at The Plant Man carefully takes into account each of these requirements to ensure that your vertical garden wall is happy and healthy.

Along with the general benefits of indoor plants, some of the unique benefits of having an indoor vertical garden in an office include:

  • Improved air quality: Plants naturally filter and purify the air, reducing toxins and increasing oxygen levels. This is especially important in a workplace environment, where toxins are commonly found in cleaning products and furniture.
  • Aesthetic enhancement: Green walls effortlessly create a visually appealing and vibrant living feature, adding beauty and tranquillity to indoor spaces.
  • Noise reduction: The plants and their growth medium can absorb and dampen sounds, helping to reduce noise levels. Noise reduction is especially important in open plan offices, where noises such as conversations, phone calls, or office equipment can cause distractions and reduce productivity.
  • Space optimisation: Vertical gardens maximise the use of limited space by utilising vertical surfaces, making them ideal for smaller areas.
  • Improved well-being: Research suggests that exposure to nature and greenery indoors can have positive effects on mental health, reducing stress and increasing productivity.

Installing an office vertical garden in a leased office space depends on the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. Some landlords may allow tenants to install vertical gardens with proper permission and agreements in place. It’s important to review the lease agreement, consult with the landlord or property manager, and seek any necessary permissions before proceeding with the installation.


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