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Services and Designs

The Plant Man expert team knows plants better than anyone else, and we look forward to assisting you on your next commercial indoor plants project!

Your commercial plant hire experts, with advice available every step of the way!

The Plant Man works with architects, interior designers, builders, and real estate agents on commercial projects including indoor office plant hire and outdoor plant hire – from the design phase to installation, and then ongoing commercial plant maintenance long after your work is complete!


We’ll review your concept for commercial interior plants (or introduce plants and interior design ideas as required), then advise on the building blocks to make it happen – joinery internal measurements, waterproofing, irrigation, lighting etc. We help you to create the best suited designs - all within a realistic budget.


We work closely with the builders onsite to ensure plants for commercial spaces and irrigation systems are installed as per the plan. We assist the onsite team to get the timing right to bring in your live indoor office plants without disruption to the builders and the finishing touches of the project.


Once we have delivered your project’s vision, we safeguard the design integrity through our commercial plant maintenance program. With The Plant Man office plant maintenance, we care for the plants in the long term, create a rotation system to ensure plants are always looking fresh, and we replace tired plants as part of the service at no extra cost.

From the plan to commercial indoor plants and lifelong maintenance

Having a plant professional assist from the design phase means you get practical advice on the right plants for commercial spaces, what plants should be placed next to each other, the latest trends in plants for commercial buildings, and strategies to make a building greener for the environment.

Plants transform spaces, take your project to the next level and leave your client happy with help from the leader in commercial plant suppliers – The Plant Man. With over 30 years’ experience in commercial plant services, The Plant Man is here to assist on your next project, big or small – that’s big bushes down to small shrubs.

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We are there when it matters…

After asking the tough questions and helping you to plan for the plants and interior design features within a space, we work closely to ensure installation happens quickly and seamlessly. The installation phase of a project is when delivery matters.

Working with the builders and the whole onsite team is essential to ensuring everything goes to plan.

Keep clients happy long after your project finishes

Our maintenance service will keep your client’s plants alive and fresh beyond the end of the project. We safeguard the integrity of your work through our maintenance program, and ensure your project has a lasting impact on your client.

Long after your work is finished on a project, our maintenance program ensures the space you’ve created is still having the desired impact.

“We guarantee your clients will
come away loving the greenery
in their new space."
Mark Riesel, Founder and Owner of The Plant Man

Commercial Plant Projects - Frequently Asked Questions

Well, how could anyone hate plants! But here are 8 more reasons why plants are invaluable for commercial spaces.
1) Aesthetic Appeal
* Plants add a natural element to commercial spaces, breaking up the beige or boring introducing vibrant colours and textures – and they can really look incredible.
* Plants in commercial spaces can also be used strategically to enhance architectural features, direct foot traffic, or create cosy corners in open-plan areas.
2) Air Quality
* Do you remember learning about plants in school? Here’s a refresher – by absorbing toxins and emitting oxygen, plants improve indoor air quality. It’s right there in the science, plants make the air not only healthier to breathe, but they can potentially help to reduce the rates of respiratory problems for people.
3) Wellbeing and Productivity
* Studies have shown that workplaces with plants see greater improvements in employee wellbeing, including reductions in stress and fatigue.
* The presence of greenery has also been linked to increased productivity and creativity.
4) Noise Reduction
* Plants can act as natural sound barriers, absorbing, diffracting, and reflecting background noise – so they’re ideal in open plan spaces.
* Simply by placing large plant pots in strategic locations, such as near entrances or seating areas, you can significantly reduce noisy distractions.
5) Humidity Regulation
* Back to the science again for a moment, through the process of transpiration, plants release moisture into the air, helping to maintain the right levels of humidity.
* As nature’s humidifier, investing in commercial plant hire can be especially beneficial in air-conditioned environments that tend to dry out the air, helping to prevent issues like dry skin and eyes – staff and visitors will look and feel better!
6) Health Benefits
* Plants in commercial spaces can help lower blood pressure, improve overall mood, and reduce the occurrence of sick building syndrome.
* Green spaces encourage a moment of pause and relaxation during the day, which as we all know is essential for mental health, especially in high-stress working environments.
7) Customer Experience
* Plants help to create a welcoming atmosphere, making plain commercial spaces feel more inviting and comfortable for customers and visitors to enjoy.
* By adding some greenery, you can also show that your business or brand supports environmental sustainability and wellbeing.
8) Economic Benefits
* Well maintained plant displays can increase foot traffic and the time people want to spend in a commercial space, also potentially boosting sales in retail stores.

So, if you’re looking to improve any commercial space, you really can’t go past plants – and at The Plant Man, we are your local commercial plant suppliers who can help you to get the most out of plants!

Plants can truly transform a commercial space, but not all plants were created equal. That’s why when you come to The Plant Man about plants for your commercial space, we don’t just give you the names of a few nice looking plants, we suggest plants for your commercial project based on important factors such as: function, aesthetics, your site, and maintenance needs.
– This means asking about the functional purpose of the plants. Will they be ideally used to purify the air or are you wanting to highlight a particular feature in the commercial space?
– Similarly to the function, our plant experts will ask you about how you want the plants to look. Do you want them to make a visually appealing first impression, brighten up a dull space, or would you like the plants to match your business decor?  
Your Site:
– One of the biggest factors we take into consideration is the layout or design of your commercial space, as well as the amount of natural light and the humidity levels. These elements will ultimately affect whether certain species of plants will thrive in your particular commercial space or not.
– Most greenery requires some kind of TLPC – that’s tender loving plant care, although there are some varieties of plants that need very little upkeep. For example, when we know your commercial space doesn’t have access to much water or you don’t have the budget for regular plant care or greenkeeping, we can then advise you on the perfect plants which will be better suited to your project.

When it comes to plants for a commercial space, it’s definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Once we’re armed with the answers, we’ll be able to take care of all the planning, including our suggestions on the most suitable plant options to keep your commercial space always looking fantastic.

Again, the amount of maintenance for commercial indoor plants ultimately depends on the species of plants. Generally though, The Plant Man recommends weekly maintenance which can comprise watering or misting, pruning, cleaning, and anything else that will keep your plants always looking healthy and lush.

You don’t have to have a green thumb, because we have plenty here at The Plant Man! Our head ‘Plant Man’ Mark, has been providing Sydney with commercial plant services since 1991. We’ve also won plenty of awards for our creative designs, innovation, and our plantscaping work, so we can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t work with The Plant Man – the number one in plants for commercial spaces!

Get in contact with The Plant Man today, and let us help you with your commercial plant project or commercial plant hire.