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Office Indoor Plant Hire in Sydney

  • Office Indoor Plant Hire in Sydney

    The Plant Man is your live office and corporate indoor plant hire specialist, servicing Sydney and surrounding suburbs with unmatched quality and professionalism since 1991.

  • Award Winning Indoor Plant Hire Services

    Servicing Sydney and surrounding suburbs for over 23 years providing exceptional customer service and exceeding expectations.

  • For Small Businesses & Corporate

    No Job too Big or too Small. From small businesses to large blue-chip organisations; showrooms to shopping centres, The Plant Man can transform the look and feel of any space.

  • Outdoor Plant Hire in Sydney

    While we focus on indoor plants, we can also cater to your outdoor plant requirements including a range of outdoor areas and balcony spaces.

  • Living Art Series

    The spectacular, sustainable and innovative Living Art Series from The Plant Man, offers every business the opportunity to transform an office into a Living Environment.


We work with you to design an arrangement of plants that suits your environmental and visual requirements.


We provide complete installation of your plants - from delivery, to completion of the finest details.


Install, water, polish, dust and fertilise. We provide all the maintenance requirements for your indoor and outdoor plants.


We guarantee the plants you hire will look new and fresh, even if that means replacement – free of charge.


We invigorate The Great Indoors

Indoor & Outdoor Plant Hire Sydney

The Plant Man

The Plant Man is a team of highly experienced experts who are specialists in corporate plant hire in Sydney and its outer suburbs. No other company in Australia comes close to providing the same level or variety of plant hire services we offer. We bring the advantages of outdoor plants inside, so you and your employees can enjoy the benefits nature brings to the mind and soul.

Plants can manage stress and increase well-being

What if you were told that plants have the ability to absorb toxins and create a healthier office environment by cleaning and purifying the air? It is estimated over 300 pollutants inhabit the typical workplace.

Furniture, carpets, air conditioning units and even computer equipment all contribute to the harmful toxins that pollute breathable air. A single office plant every 10 square feet has the ability to remove the harmful toxins that live within the typical office space.

We provide a vast selection of plants, arrangements and products.

Our passionate and dedicated team will work with you to help create the exact look you want for your office, corporate space or business environment. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with clients from all industry backgrounds.

We have enjoyed fulfilling and exceeding the expectations of our client base, whether it be a: corporate office, showroom or shopping centre.  We can also work closely with designers to unify interior aesthetics and functional elements.

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