Bring nature
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Exterior and interior plant hire in Sydney for offices, commercial buildings, shopping centers, showrooms and hospitality

Why choose plant hire instead of buying?

The Plant Man provides an all-in-one solution with maintenance, free plant replacements and an on-call experienced team. You'll never have to put up with drooping office plants or dull flower arrangements again.

As well as optimised cost and convenience, we can offer exciting design services and fresh ideas for your space. We can help you to plan out Feng Shui plants, find desk plants that are anything but dull, or create an epic vertical garden with Living Art Frames! The Plant Man team could create an overflowing living wall garden or an eye-catching floral arrangement for your next event.

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Find out just how easy it can be to keep your office plants happy and healthy.

The benefits of plants in any environment

People feel calmer, happier and less stressed when surrounded by nature. 

Plants can:

  • Boost creativity and productivity
  • Provide a welcome environment for employees and clients
  • Improve air quality by producing oxygen and absorbing CO2
  • Create attractive and effective screens for vision and noise
  • Naturally help to cool a building to reduce energy costs
  • And even reduce sick-leave absences by as much as 60%!
“The Plant Man transformed our office in the most hassle-free way. From the sales call to installation, they were professional and helpful and our office looks unreal. Everyone is very happy!!
Thank you to the whole team!!”
Kat Rina

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