Office Plant Hire in Parramatta

The Plant Man has grown a strong reputation for creating stunning designs and bringing quality plant hire solutions to Parramatta since 1991. Parramatta is one of Sydney’s most important commercial districts and a big urban centre that comes with the concrete, heat and pollution of any business hub. Our plant hire services in Parramatta are a fantastic way to spruce up your office and bring some of the vibrant, healthy energy of vegetation into the contemporary business space.

Why hire office plants in Parramatta?

Plants are living organisms that are naturally adapted to survive the great outdoors. However, modern Parramatta offices have none of the water, food or energy requirements that most plants need to survive. Most businesses don’t have the experience to know which plants are suited to their office, nor how to properly water, feed and maintain the fixtures once they are in place. But with a plant hire specialist in Parramatta, you can obtain all of the benefits of working amidst an indoor jungle without any of the hassle.

Plant Hire Services in Parramatta

The Plant Man’s team of indoor plant hire professionals has the expertise to choose and install plants that will suit the unique environment of your space, and ensure that they are properly maintained on an ongoing basis. This allows you to enjoy the plants while relaxing in the knowledge that we are taking care of every step in the plant care process.

Our plant hire specialists in Parramatta start by discussing your vision, needs and ideas, and begin planning what plants, designs, pots and arrangements would best add that healthy modern look to your space. We are experts in a variety of dramatic plant styles including vertical gardens, green walls, floral arrangements and our stunning living art series.

We then take care of the installation and every detail of the ongoing plant maintenance, including polishing and dusting the leaves to ensure that they always look vibrant and healthy. Finally, we provide free replacements for tired looking plants, and complimentary relocation if you move offices to elsewhere in Parramatta or beyond!

This means that not only do you have the benefit of our stunning designs, ongoing services and professional support, but that our office plant hire in Parramatta is significantly cheaper than buying indoor plants yourselves.

What are the benefits of having plants in the office?

Parramatta is becoming busier, bigger and as a result more polluted than ever. Plants can provide significant health and environmental benefits, and a breath of new life to the concrete, glass and metal surroundings of modern urban life.

Some of the many benefits of our plant hire services include:

Stunning centrepieces that inspire productivity and creativity

Offices are normally sterile, boring places. Thus introducing vertical gardens, framed floral arrangements or contemporary pots to your space can really improve the energy and atmosphere of your business. Numerous studies have demonstrated that indoor plants directly contribute to increased productivity and creativity. After all, how could you not feel inspired being surrounded by the calming force of nature?

Improved physical and mental health

Indoor plants are a natural air filtration system that remove harmful toxins like carbon monoxide from office interiors and replace them with oxygen. They also have proven psychological benefits, improving mood and relieving stress. All of these benefits contribute to a more inviting work environment.

A cleaner, more eco-friendly environment

The structure of plants’ leaves absorb sound and release cooling moisture into the air, accounting for noticeable reduction in noise pollution and urban heat. Considering the fact that Parramatta experiences hotter temperatures than Sydney’s CBD, the climate controlling aspect of indoor and outdoor plants is particularly appealing. This means you get to cut down on air conditioning, which saves you money and has the added bonus of cutting down your office’s carbon footprint.

Dedicated plant hire specialist in Parramatta

Call The Plant Man on (02) 9565 4440 for your free quote and to learn how our plant hire services can transform your Parramatta office into a beautiful, lush and green environment today.