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Living Art Series

The spectacular, sustainable and innovative Living Art Series from The Plant Man, offers every business the opportunity to transform an office into a Living Environment.

From Frames to Dividers to Walls, the Living Art Series has a solution to fit any situation and budget.

Living Art Frame

The Living Art Frame uses live plants to craft a living picture. The result is a beautiful, lush green piece of art, creating a comforting working environment.

Being a sustainable planted system, The Living Art Frame is an inexpensive and subtle way to create a feature wall in any situation.


• Integrated irrigation system
• No electricity or water pump required…silent
• Watertight
• Can be mounted onto every surface
• Quick and easy installation
• Cost effective

Living Art Divider

The Living Art Divider is a stunning plant wall partition. The Living Art Divider can be planted on both sides creating a beautiful visual and noise barrier in any indoor environment.
The Living Art Divider can be used as a standalone striking feature piece creating a feeling of tranquillity in any room.


• Integrated irrigation system
• No electricity required
• No water pump required …silent
• Watertight
• Easy to move
• Visual privacy
• Reduces ambient noise
• Provides a healthy indoor environment and increased oxygen levels

Living Art Wall

The Living Art Wall is the perfect complement to any environment for both existing and new build projects. Not only is the sustainable Living Art Wall spectacular it benefits the environment via air purification and improves aesthetics and the ambiance of any space.


• Flexible system for indoor and outdoor
• Watertight
• Contributes to a healthy indoor climate by providing oxygen
• Easy and quick to install
• Neat, smooth and robust design
• Minimal water requirement
• Odour free system
• Recyclable

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