Corporate Flower Arrangements for Offices in Sydney

Corporate Floral Arrangements for Sydney Businesses

When it comes to floral arrangements, Sydney has trusted The Plant Man for over 30 years. So, if you’re looking for a corporate florist that you can depend on for stunning floral arrangements for meetings, showrooms, or trade shows, you can count on us to deliver.

We offer a wide range of custom floral arrangements. Our corporate floral arrangements will lend an air of subtle elegance to a showroom, reception area, or lobby. They make splendid gifts, too, for important clients or employees who have done an outstanding job.

All arrangements come with a complete quality guarantee. Some of the more common businesses and spaces we have worked with include offices, hotels, shopping centres, showrooms, as well as property and facility development companies.

Corporate Flower Arrangements for the Hospitality Industry

Nothing says ‘Welcome to our establishment’ than a fresh arrangement of flowers at the door. When you host major events or banquets, flowers are a must to set the tone of the gathering.

During the holidays or other special occasions, a tasteful flower arrangement will create a festive mood. Centrepieces for buffet tables look spectacular when you anchor the tablescape with gorgeous seasonal flowers and greenery.

It’s your establishment—and you owe your clientele your very best. Choose corporate flower arrangements from The Plant Man, and you’ll attract the kinds of people who will become loyal customers—and spread the word to their friends and colleagues.

Floral Arrangements for the Workplace

There’s nothing like flowers to create a relaxed, welcoming workplace. With workplace floral arrangements by The Plant Man, you’ll create a space that will make your employees love to come to work every day.

Corporate Floral Arrangements for Shopping Centres and Showrooms

Shopping centres and showrooms want to showcase their shops and merchandise to attract high-dollar customers. Create an air of elegance the moment customers walk in the door with corporate flower services from The Plant Man.

Place floral arrangements throughout the facility for added pop—or use them to decorate for upcoming holidays. Either way, show your good taste with flowers.

Floral Arrangements for Real Estate Agents, Property and Facility Developers

Knowledgeable developers and real estate professionals know that it takes a lot of design savvy to show off your office space and facilities to existing and prospective buyers or corporate tenants. We can design our office flower arrangements to complement the colour scheme in any space you want to showcase.

Our experienced floral designers can evaluate the space, together with its existing furnishings, and create the perfect arrangement to highlight your building’s best features. We’ll work with your property stylist to achieve the look you want for each space.

Office Flower Arrangements Set Your Business Apart

When a potential client enters your office, you want everything to look perfect. A tasteful flower arrangement at the entrance creates instant cachet. Flower arrangements for office receptions give your office an extra edge when you’re competing for a high-value client’s business.

When you’re entertaining current or potential clients in your office space, think flowers first. Whether it’s an in-office reception, a presentation, or an informal gathering, make sure to call The Plant Man for a flower arrangement to make your office stand out among all the competition.

When good taste is a priority, flowers make the finest possible impression. Attract and keep your best clients with corporate flower arrangements for your office. Contact The Plant Man to create custom floral arrangements that set you apart from the rest!