Plant Hire For Your Liverpool Office

Here at The Plant Man, we truly believe in the power of plants which is why we provide plant hire Liverpool wide, including the delightful suburbs of Ashcroft and Chipping Norton. You could  jazz up your office space with a splash of natural green, or literally bring in a breath of fresh, clean air with only a few of our leafy beauties. So, do yourself a favour and add life to your office space with gorgeous plants. Talk to our team at The Plant Man today, we are proud to be the green thumbs and experts in plants, Liverpool businesses can always count on!

Transform Your Space With Our Delightful Range Of Indoor Plants In Liverpool

Our all-in-one services are designed to meet all your needs for indoor plants in Liverpool, keeping your office space as vibrant and welcoming as can be! We handpick the perfect plants that love office life, adding a splash of colour, freshness, and beauty to any workspace.

With over 30 years of experience turning offices into green havens with our plants in Liverpool, let The Plant Man make your office bloom in style with our great range of affordable office plant hire, installation, and care services.

3 Great reasons to hire plants for your Liverpool business

Plants can be so much more than just a lovely, living piece of decor; we know that plants are actually essential for creating a healthier and more inspiring place to work and spend time in. Plus, the benefits of having plants in the office are nearly endless, but here are top 3 reasons why we think you should pick plants for your office:

Plants lower stress

Tons of studies show that office greenery can seriously chill out stressed employees. Just being near plants has a calming effect, also reducing anxiety and boosting overall mood. Just by introducing a few simple plants to your Liverpool office or business, is sure to create a much more peaceful atmosphere, which of course will also help ensure that your employees are happier, healthier, and more productive everyday.

Green foliage can improve your corporate image

Decking out your corporate office with green foliage not only makes it look more warm and inviting, but plants will bump up your eco-cred too! With The Plant Man’s easy plant hire in Liverpool, you’ll be able to score your business higher Green Star ratings. These are awarded to the companies that are taking the initiative and incorporating sustainable building practices into the way they operate their business, such as using plants to improve indoor air quality.

Plants add beauty, colour, and interest

Biophilic office design is the rage at the moment, but what does it actually mean for you? Well, to put it simply, biophilic design is all about integrating natural elements into an office space. Without a doubt, plants are key to this design philosophy, bringing vibrancy and spectacular visual interest, to otherwise what you might say are mundane and dull looking interior office spaces. At The Plant Man, we’re pros at creating stunning and functional biophilic office designs. We can incorporate a variety of plants that require very minimal upkeep, so you have nothing to worry about once we transform your indoors into a fresh and beautiful looking place to work.

Why Choose The Plant Man for Indoor Plant Hire In Liverpool?

Trust us, choosing The Plant Man for your indoor plant hire in Liverpool, is like teaming up with the ultimate plant whisperers. We’re dedicated to helping your business get the most out of our plants, and you won’t need to do a single thing because we’ll make sure that all our plants continue to thrive. And here’s more great reasons why you should talk to The Plant Man today about our range indoor plants for your Liverpool business:

Here’s why:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Plant Hire: Whether you’re looking for some low maintenance indoor beauties to liven up your workspace, or it’s time to transform your bare outdoors into a lush environment, we’ve got you covered with some great ideas for greenery that won’t cost you the earth!

  • Ongoing Plant Care and Maintenance: Forget about worrying over wilting leaves or droopy stems, our professional maintenance services will keep your plants looking vibrant and healthy all year round. The Plant Man will handle all the hard work so you don’t have to, it’s never been so easy!

  • 30 Years of Local Experience: The Plant Man has been greening up businesses with plants in Liverpool for over three decades. We know the local climate like the back of our hand, and our deep-rooted expertise means we only select and care for plants that are guaranteed to thrive.

So, why settle for anything less than perfect plants? Contact us today! With The Plant Man range of indoor plants in Liverpool, your office will look bright and amazing every single day!

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