The Amazing Benefits of Indoor Plants

There’s nothing more relaxing than feeling fully immersed in the beauty of nature.

It’s human nature to feel calmer and happier when we’re close to nature. More and more workplaces are becoming aware of this fact and are making an effort to transform the outdoor areas of their premises with outdoor plants and even vertical gardens. But did you know that indoor plants can have an equally positive effect on the workplace? Numerous studies show that being around plants in your working environment has a number of important positive effects on your mental and physical wellbeing. All of these benefits coincide to create a more fulfilling and aesthetically pleasing working environment.

What are the benefits of indoor plants?

There are countless benefits of incorporating indoor plants into your indoor environment. Of course, we are all familiar with the aesthetic benefits of indoor plants and their ability to transform any boring old workplace into a chic, modern haven that makes work all the more enjoyable. Indoor plants provide an exciting opportunity to harness creativity in your interior design and secure your office’s place as a cool and fun workspace that is attractive to both future and current employees.

But what are the benefits of indoor plants apart from their stunning appearance? From decreased anxiety and stress to enhanced creativity, indoor plants are powerful assets to both workplaces and homes that actively support our wellbeing. 

5 Examples of the Benefits of Indoor Plants in the Office

Here are some of the benefits of indoor plants, which you can enjoy for yourself by including some in your office space.

1. Plants improve mental health and wellbeing

Research from universities in the USA and Norway shows that workers who are surrounded by indoor plants or flowers are happier and more productive. Plants can help to relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety, lift moods and improve concentration. These are all extremely positive benefits for your workforce and contribute to more satisfied and productive employees who genuinely enjoy their surroundings.

2. Plants improve physical health too

The physical health benefits of indoor plants are also hugely beneficial to anyone working in an office setting. Indoor plants have been shown to reduce minor ailments and help people recover quickly from illness. The oxygen released by indoor plants can also help to wake up your brain and reduce fatigue. 

Did you know that indoor plants can also help your skin? Plants release moisture into the air which can in turn improve skin health and reduce the harshness of the air released by indoor heating systems.

3. Plants improve the workplace environment & air quality

The air in an office is full of toxins. These can come from numerous sources, including carpets, office furniture, air conditioning and electronic devices. Combined, they make the air quality in the average office extremely poor. One of the most important benefits of indoor plants is that they absorb these toxins, purifying the air and creating a much healthier working environment.

4. Plants attract clients!

Clients are attracted to businesses which look well-cared-for. Plants make your office a much more attractive space, and can even be used as a type of living art, creating fascinating design features in the workplace. By including and maintaining indoor plants in the office, you will attract more clients and keep them coming back to you.

5. Plants inspire creativity

We all need more creativity in our lives – especially when we’re working. A 2015 study from Texas A&M University found that indoor plants can increase our creativity by an incredible 15% within a workplace. 

Surprised? There are numerous theories behind the idea of why humans feel much more inspired when surrounded by nature. One theory posits that our ancestors felt calmer in nature because it meant that they were near food sources. Another study conducted by Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich proposed that the green colour of plants is closely intertwined with creative thinking.

But whatever the reason, we all have felt the wave of creativity that comes over us when we find ourselves in an aesthetically-pleasing environment that fuels our curiosity and demands our attention. Indoor plants and living art installations are a fantastic way to add a healthy dose of creativity into our workplace, ensuring that it stands out as a place that people want to work in.

Experience the benefits of indoor plants first hand

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