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Why not bring the outside in?

Most of us are well aware that being close to nature is good for the mind and the soul, it makes us feel comfortable and at ease with our environment. A growing number of studies are now revealing the dramatic affects indoor plant arrangements can have on the wellbeing of the occupants within.

Plants can manage stress and increase well-being

Scientific studies show proven mental and psychological health benefits of indoor plants. Studies carried out by the Washington State University and the Agricultural University of Norway, have recently detailed the increase in productivity and well-being of workers and clients who were exposed to indoor plants and interior landscaping.

Interior landscaping with indoor plants have numerous benefits, benefits that go beyond the visual.

Plants help improve air quality

What if you were told that plants have the ability to absorb toxins and create a healthier environment by cleaning and purifying the air.

It is estimated over 300 pollutants inhabit the typical workplace. Furniture, carpets, air conditioning units and even computer equipment all contribute to the harmful toxins that pollute breathable air.

A single office plant every 10 square feet has the ability to remove the harmful toxins that live within the typical office space.

The Plant Man has been helping clients transform the look and feel of their internal spaces for over twenty years. If you’re interested to find out how indoor plants and interior landscaping can enhance your space, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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