Green Walls Sydney

Stunning features in every style of office, Living and Green Walls by The Plant Man are handpicked plants incorporated into a structural support and affixed onto any wall or vertical surface. Specifically tailored to suit the look and feel of your business, they transform indoor spaces into lush, vibrant and healthy environments, guaranteed to impress.

Benefits of Living and Green Walls

Aside from being an attractive design feature and centrepiece of any space they call home, our green walls also have a number of practical benefits that shouldnโ€™t be overlooked:

Specially Designed Living & Green Walls by The Plant Man

The Plant Man is an award winning plant hire specialist that has built a reputation on delivering innovative designs and striking green spaces to businesses around Sydney. We are experts on designing and installing green walls that convey a modern and striking aesthetic appeal.
When partnering with us your office not only earns our quality assurance but also our dedicated support throughout the entire process.

Our Installation Process

  1. We first work closely with you to create a design that best suits your business and its style, finding the best variety of plants and most attractive arrangement for your environment and layout.
  2. We then carefully install the green wall, ensuring that it is in the right location for the plants to thrive and to maximise on visual impact.
  3. Finally, we take care of all maintenance requirements on an ongoing basis, ensuring that the plants have the right amount of water and fertiliser, and are properly polished and dusted to maintain their vigorous, vibrant look.

By hiring our plants we also guarantee that our green walls always appear fresh and offer free replacements for any fixtures that we need to brighten up!
For a free quote on how we might help you build a beautiful, healthy business environment contact us on 02 9565 4440.