Customised Office Plant Fit Outs In Sydney

Fitting out an office with quality plant arrangements and the right design can be a monumental task without professional, experienced help. The Plant Man has been a premier service provider of customised office plant fit outs since 1991, and has grown to develop proven processes, a deep appreciation for stunning design and excellent service culture in the decades since then.

By partnering with us your business will be given access to our unique styles, decades of experience and a guarantee of our keen commitment to realise your dream workspace.

With over a third of our lives spent in offices it becomes vital that our work environments are built with employee well-being in mind. At The Plant Man, we understand how to balance aesthetics with environmental concerns to create a fresh, energetic space for your employees to enjoy.

Creating a customised office solution is an involved process, which is why our service is holistic and ranges from design and installation, to ongoing management. It is our commitment to ensuring that each step of this process is aimed at customer satisfaction that has won us six awards for excellence over the years.

The Plant Manโ€™s Custom Office Fit Out

We have differentiated ourselves from other plant hire providers over the years not just by providing quality plants but by designing beautiful stylistic solutions that suit the look and feel of your office environment. It is this eye for aesthetics that has solidified our reputation as the go to partner for office fit outs in Sydney.

From impressive centrepieces and stunning lobby arrangements, clean minimalist floor designs to rustic office spaces, we first analyse your business and help you decide on the look that will suit your brand, architecture and culture.

We then help to marry your vision with the right plants, planter boxes and other office plant arrangements to convert your office into a spectacular, green space. From classic floor pots and hanging pots to cutting edge green walls and vertical gardens we have an unparalleled collection to work with.

Plant Installation

After deciding on what needs to be done our expert staff will begin to transform your office according to your vision. With outmost respect for your business, space and time we will install our designs with minimal fuss, using our experience to make it a stress-free and easy transition. We will take care of all the details, allowing you to sit back and enjoy watching your office get its makeover.

Your Custom Fit Out Maintenance and Upkeep

Perhaps the most important aspect of the process is ensuring that your custom fit out not only looks green but stays healthy and vibrant. The advantage of our package is that we continue to provide you with plant maintenance on an ongoing basis. Feeding, watering and cleaning your plants to ensure that they remain stunning.

The advantage of hiring our services rather than buying the plants outright is that we guarantee that your plants will look great through a design consultation, and provide replacement plants when required. This means that hiring our services is often cheaper in time and money than buying plants outright.

To discuss how we might help provide you with a customised office plant fit out please contact us on our website or call us on 02 9565 4440.