Indoor Hanging Pots for Offices

The Plant Man is a plant hire service provider that specialises in designing and implementing stunning interior plant solutions for offices. We have an extensive breadth of species, pots and designs to choose from to create a custom package that will transform your office into a natural and stylish haven.

One of our favourite pots from our large range is the hanging pot, a fantastic addition to an office that can match any style, size or taste.

What are hanging pots?

Hanging pots are plants placed inside a receptacle and suspended from ropes, wires, chains or any other implement. The pots themselves are extremely versatile and can be chosen to suit any type of business environment, from woven, clay or wooden frames that evoke a rustic touch to chic geometric plastic or clean metal casings for a more contemporary feel.

Benefits of hanging pots?

The main benefit of our hanging pots is aesthetic. Clean, well maintained hanging pots induce a dramatic and extravagant effect, and are particularly suited to presenting the natural beauty of trailing plants. We recommend species like the classic pothos, spider plant and rabbit foot fern that all thrive in suspension, and can add that extra flair to the office mess or terrace.

Hanging pots are also great in smaller business workspaces and can be used to provide a bit of green without taking up valuable room on the floor where planters or troughs might have trouble fitting.

What makes them complex?

Despite their aesthetic charm hanging pots can be difficult to maintain without professional help. There are a number of factors that make them a challenging receptacle for those without a green thumb.

By their nature hanging pots can hold a relatively small amount of soil, so choosing the right depth of pot to suit the plant is vital. Similarly, because the basket is suspended in the air and has a minimal soil it tends to dry out quicker than other types of pots. Thus, knowing how to maintain the moisture and choose the right lining can make a serious difference to the health and vitality of your plants.

Finally, the type of plant itself is important. It needs to be able to survive in shallow soil, movement and the unique environment of your office.

How can the Plant Man make your life easier?

At The Plant Man we are experts at choosing the right conditions and plants for your workspace. We will not only help you design a fit out that will impress visitors and create a vibrant working environment for your colleagues, but will do all the work to maintain the plant arrangements. By taking care of irrigation, cleaning and replacements for any tired looking plants we can ensure that your hanging pots will always look animated, healthy and alive with natural charm.

For your free quote on how we can help you start your transformation please call 02 9565 4440.