The Golden Rules of Indoor Plantscaping

Creating intimate spaces, revitalising bare all-too-artificial environments and bringing the refreshing atmosphere of the outdoors inside is what Plantscaping is all about.

It is the art of curating the right plants, choosing the species, colour, pot and design, to add natural style and visual layers to your man-made structure.
Good plantscaping marries deep knowledge of horticulture with a keen eye for design, creating stunning spaces that mend and restore as much as they impress.

The golden rule of office plantscaping

Think about which plants would suit the different areas of your office

While people might think of their office as a single uniform environment, for a plant, as a living being that relies so much on its surroundings, it is in fact many different spaces. Each plant has its own ideal location in which it will thrive.
The Zanazibar Gem, with its beautiful foliage, the succulent Jade Plant or impressive Sanseveria all prosper in direct sunlight. For harsher conditions the aptly named Happy Plant can survive in somewhat dark and windowless spaces.

Think strategically about your space

Rather than just considering about what plants might survive the conditions of your office you should also think about the type of plant that you want in your workspace. If you have limited room then hanging pots or partition troughs might be your best option. Medium sized pot plants might be used to liven up plain corners, or plants known for their superior ability to filter air and produce oxygen like the Peace Lily might be placed next to desks to help energize and restore the people working nine to five.
Thinking about your space and what kind of effect you want to create, and then choosing the type of plant that can thrive in that environment is the first step to good office plantscaping.

Take advantage of focal hierarchies

Plantscaping, like any spatial art is still bound by the principals of good design. Visual hierarchy is the technique of drawing a viewer’s attention and creating emphasis. In a large space a tall Monstera Deliciosa can be used as a focal point to highlight tropical plants as the central design component of an office, with smaller species distributed throughout the space to make it feel vibrant and overflowing with green.

Create unique spaces

Plants aren’t only useful as a complement or addition to a workspace but can be a fundamental part of the architecture. Transforming a corner of your office into a leafy hideaway by using tall leafy plants as part of a divider or a cluster of plants can create a relaxing chill-out space for tired colleagues.

Don’t be afraid to choose a theme

There is perhaps nothing more satisfying to the human eye than recognising patterns. Choosing an environmental theme like rainforest or beach and pairing plants with the right art can create a stunning design.

Finally, don’t forget your whitespace

The plain spaces in between your plants can be just as important as the pot, species and theme, creating harmony, balance and visual appeal. Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than a single vibrant Ficus set against the blank canvas of a bare white wall.

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