Top Five Vertical Garden Alternatives

Hanging Pothos plants

Vertical gardens are all the rage at the moment, whether you’re in a newly designed office or an old one the chances are there’s a wall or a space that could house a Vertical Garden.

They’re a beautiful feature in any office or home and really give a space that WOW factor. However, the downside to these stunning green spaces is that they’re very expensive, both to set-up and maintain and this is simply because they need electricity and plumbing water in and out.

Here are five cost-effective options that can be used instead of Vertical Gardens.

Hanging Plants
We can hang plants at any height from the ceiling and use a number of different colours of plants, currently, Pothos and Aglaonemas are our favourites. It looks fantastic and still gives a really unique look that people don’t see very often.



Floating Shelves
These floating shelves get fixed to the wall and then we can use individual plants to put on the shelve or a trough that we run a mixture of plants through. It’s a very clean look and works especially well around logos. Make sure the shelf spacing is adequate to comfortably house the plants.



Shelving Unit
Rather than have the shelves on the wall, fix your shelves to the floor. The idea is to just dress the shelves. Plants can trail down or grow up, we recommend using a wide range of different plants. Make sure the shelf spacing is adequate to comfortably house the plants.



Cage or Wire
Grow the plants at the bottom in a trough or pot and over time they creep up around the wire. Again it looks amazing, but it does take time to grow. It’s not an out of the box solution, but despite that people get a kick seeing the plants grow up the wire.



Floor Plants – Spaced Out
Preferably use something tall and thick, a Kentia or Happy plants, five or six of these in a row look superb. Most cielings are around 2.2meteres so using a Kentia in a tall pot really does look stunning. Trick here is to make sure that whatever plant you choose, it’s thick and bushy!