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The Plant Man is more than just an office plant hire provider, it is an award winning specialist renowned for its creative, vivid designs and stellar service. North Sydney is one of the city’s biggest commercial centres, a contemporary mix of concrete and glass buildings, industry leading businesses and cultural capital. Office plants are flourishing in a big way here, our broad selection and stylish designs helping to soften the hard edges of modern offices and bring some green back into the workplace.

Why choose The Plant Man in North Sydney?

Everyone has tried their hand at horticulture at some point, and most people have found out that their Gardenias are more stubborn than they thought or that their Basil just can’t seem to stop wilting. Offices are not the easiest environment for plants to grow and often require professional care for vegetation to look healthy and vibrant.
The Plant Man has a strong reputation in understanding how to pick and install plants that will thrive in the different environments of your business space. Our services are holistic; we take care of the design, implementation and maintenance, allowing you to get on with the job knowing that your plants are in expert hands.

We have an extensive range of plants and designs to choose from, including classic floor planters, vertical gardens, hanging pots and our stunning living art series. We help you to customise your package and design an arrangement that will transform your office into a contemporary green workspace.

After deciding what it will look like we take every care with the installation and provide ongoing maintenance of the plants including irrigation, dusting and polishing, and replacements when required.
This means that you can relax while we take care of the rest!

Advantages of hiring our office plants

  • Cost Savings: The holistic service and free plant replacements means that our packages are often cheaper in time and money than buying plants outright.
  • Access to fantastic designs: We have put in a lot of effort and expertise into developing unique, creative designs to complement modern architecture and style trends. We can create anything from framed arrangements and floral walls to stunning centrepieces that will impress visitors and co-workers alike.
  • Health benefits: The positive interactions between plants and humans have been studied extensively. Plants are a fantastic source of energy, creating oxygen and removing the harmful toxins created by our computers, vents and photocopiers. They have also been linked to lowering stress levels and reducing urban noise and heat.

To see how we might help you transform your business into a beautiful green space please call us on 02 9565 4440 for your free quote.

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