Office Plant Hire in Macquarie Park

The Plant Man is Sydney’s premier partner for plant hire design, installation and maintenance. With almost three decades of experience it has built a stellar reputation for beautiful plant fit outs and excellent customer service.

Macquarie Park, once a bushland and farming zone, has been transformed over the years into a bustling centre of recreation, shopping and education. However, this also means that it is less green and untouched as it used to be, making office plants, with all their natural benefits more important than ever.

Why hire The Plant Man for your office plants in Macquarie Park?

Office plant installations require a specific set of talents to get right. Not only does someone need a deep knowledge of horticulture and experience in working with indoor environments that can be unwelcoming to plants, but they need a keen eye for aesthetic design and interior styling.

The Plant Man has spent decades perfecting its processes, growing its knowledge on plants and cultivation so that its clients can sit back and relax while we do the rest. Our service packages mean that we are there from start to finish, supporting your vision and helping you maintain your plants beyond just the final installation.

We start by analysing your business space and helping you to decide what plants would best compliment your architecture, decor and the impression you would like to make. We stock both traditional pots, hanging baskets and planters as well as contemporary fixtures like green walls, vertical gardens and our living art series.

After helping you decide on your fit out we meticulously install the arrangement and provide ongoing maintenance. This includes everything from watering and fertilising the plants to polishing their leaves and offering replacements when required.

Benefits of hiring The Plant Mans’ services

To find out how we might help you choose the right plants to transform your workspace please call us on 02 9565 4440.