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The perfect way to ensure that your work environment hasn’t lost its lush green appeal, is with The Plant Man Norwest plant hire services. As one of Sydney’s premier office plant hire specialists, we’ll ensure that your green installations are unique, attractive, and long lasting.

When you’re looking for tailored indoor plants for your business, contact us today. Located in the Norwest Business Park in Bella Vista, we provide indoor plant hire in Castle Hill, and throughout the local area.

Liven Up Your Office Space With Norwest Plant Hire

For modern offices in Norwest Business Park and other business centres, the simple touch of incorporating greenery can go a long way towards creating a more inviting, productive, and aesthetically pleasing environment.

And nobody knows indoor plants in Castle Hill and the surrounding region better than our team at The Plant Man. In fact, The Plant Man has won several awards for outstanding service because we’ve been passionate about interior plant styling since 1991!

It’s also not just that we have a green thumb, every member of our team also has a passion and dedication for continuously improving the art of growing plants, and providing the very best indoor plant hire Castle Hill and city wide that we possibly can.

At The Plant Man, we’ve designed our services to make transforming your office simple – with planning, installation and maintenance all included in our affordable packages. Experience The Plant Man difference for yourself!

Here’s 3 Great Reasons Why You Should Hire Plants

There are plenty of benefits that come from having plants in your office. But if you still need some convincing, here are three compelling reasons why bringing indoor plants into your office is a must!

Plants Lower Stress - Raise Positivity

It’s true, by incorporating plants into your bustling office space, you’ll help to create a more calming workplace. The gentle green hues and organic shape of leaves are visually relaxing for employees, which goes a long way towards reducing tension. Plants will also improve the air quality, which can help to lower stress and anxiety which is needed in an environment where focus is crucial in order to thrive amidst daily workday challenges.

Greenery Will Brighten An Office Space Beautifully

It goes without saying, many offices are functional for working, but they can look and often feel very dull or sterile, or aren’t doing that great for staff morale or creativity. You can soften your office interiors significantly by simply incorporating a few organics such as plants or flowers, or even natural textures such as wood and stone. Natural elements will add warmth and depth, making your office feel more comfortable, inviting, and inspiring. Plants are also a great way to give your business a green star rating!

Outdoor Areas Can Benefit Too!

Whether they’re grown in planters, garden beds, or vertical walls, plants will always convey a sense of care and vitality. The beauty of outdoor plants will also soften the harsh lines of buildings and provide a natural contrast to what we typically see in an urban environment. By putting thought into the landscape outside of your business, you’ll show clients and employees that you truly value a positive and healthy environment, which is also the key to a favourable first impression. 

Let The Plant Man Improve Your Business With Norwest Plant Hire

Trust us, hiring our fantastic indoor plants for your Castle Hill business will make a world of difference! And here’s why you won’t find anyone better than The Plant Man:

Here’s why:

  • Cost: Buying plants outright doesn’t take into account the cost of maintenance, installation and replacement, meaning that our services are often cheaper and more convenient than what you would get buying plants directly.
  • Experienced designers: Our designs are world class and can be anything from coordinating desk plants or hanging baskets in the kitchen, to transforming entire walls into living, breathing plantscapes.|

  • Health benefits of plants: Plants aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they’ve been proven to positively impact the health and well-being of employees. They are fantastic air purifiers against the toxic pollutants common to offices, and act as a heat sink on hot summer days – so you’d be doing your workers a disservice if you didn’t add a few.

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