Make A Lasting Impression With Office Plants!

Many scientific studies have shown that indoor plants can substantially improve the environment around them. Research on the impact that plants have on air quality has made it clear that indoor plants have a positive effect on our physical well-being and leading experts believe they also have much to offer in the way of mental health benefits too.

Interestingly, plants are also known to have a positive effect on interpersonal relations: an attractive display of office plants in your workplace could not only improve the air quality, but it could also help you to make a better impression on visiting clients.

To learn more about the benefits indoor plants provide to companies that often entertain clients at their offices, read on!

How Office Plants Can Help to Inspire Confidence in Your Business

Install an attractive selection of indoor plants in your offices and you are sure to notice a difference in the atmosphere when clients come to visit.

A Welcoming Environment

The first place you should consider installing office plants is in the main reception area. Not only will they help to improve the air quality, which will make your visitors feel physically more comfortable, they will also enhance the appearance of the whole area and make it feel more welcoming. As humans, we are naturally attracted to greenery and find spaces with plenty of plants more welcoming.
Make a good first impression

Adding a Human Element to Your Business

– You may be primarily focused on making a sale when clients’ visit but if you want to reassure them that you are a trustworthy organisation, adding a human element to the environment, such as indoor plants, is a great way to do so. Well cared for office plants suggest a corporate philosophy that isn’t entirely about profit and although your clients may also be mainly focused on getting a deal done, they are sure to appreciate that you have a human side too.

Clean and Tidy Offices

tidy offices create a professional image, disorganized and dirty work-spaces do not inspire confidence and may cause customers to question your competence. Plants can help screen areas that are not for your visitors eyes – plants also can become a focus point and disguise any untidy work areas 

A Calming Influence

Indoor plants are known to reduce stress, which can have a very beneficial effect on serious negotiations in the workplace. By lowering the stress levels of participants in a corporate negotiation at your offices, you will make the whole process a more enjoyable experience for all concerned.

Office plants can also add an air of sophistication to otherwise utilitarian work-spaces and will help to soften the atmosphere in the most austere of meeting rooms.

Taking Advantage of the Benefits That Office Plants Have to Offer

Now you know how indoor plants could transform your office environment and instill confidence in your clients. But just how easy is it to choose, install and maintain an attractive display? This process can be quite difficult, but that’s where we come in! We can help you choose the perfect office plants for your workspace, install them for you and make sure they stay healthy and happy with our regular office plant care maintenance and services.

Contact us today and we will prepare a free quotation with no upfront installation costs for office plant hire, customized to meet your needs.

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