Cool Offices Featuring Indoor Plants

Whether you are planning on redesigning your office or just want to imagine what life would be like working in an vibrant office environment, it’s always cathartic to look at pictures of cool offices from across the globe.
For all their differences, one common feature of these cool offices is that they most often incorporate indoor plants into their design. Indoor plants can work wonders when it comes to enhancing your office interior, regardless of whether you are after a modern office with plants or a green retro workspace.

7 of our favourite green corporate spaces

From Cairo to Singapore, here are 7 of our favourite examples of office interior design with plants done right.

GameFreak, Tokyo

Game Freak Japan

Image Source: Canuch

Game Freak is a Japanese video game company best known for developing the Pokemon game series. Having moved into a new office location in 2020, the company’s motif for office design is “Pokemon Red and Green”. In the lobby area and meeting rooms, elements of the game’s “Viridian Forest” can be found with vertical gardens as well as large planter boxes nestled in boardroom tables

Roman Kliis, Herrenberg

Roman Klis, Germany
Image source: Supplied by Roman Klis Design

Roman Klis Design’s new headquarters in Herrenberg, Germany have been called “the Maldives of design”, with lush greenery and plants at every turn. Gorgeous vines, ferns and other plants are suspended from the ceiling, overflowing from sleek white planters while multi-storey pots are scattered throughout the rooms. The company reports that the new interior not only increased humidity from 13% to 44% but also decreased the number of employee sick days by 50%!

Trend Micro, Cairo

Image source: Supplied by Trend Micro

Trend Micro’s offices in Cairo were designed by Dalia Sadany Dezines, who chose to pay tribute to Ancient Egyptian history through hieroglyphic designs inscribed on the walls. Although the stand-out features of the building are usually the cybersecurity museum with its artefacts and wall claddings, we love the living wall art that adorns the walls, with vertical gardens making an appearance amidst the sleek black and chrome.

WeWork, Beijing

Image source: wework

As a coworking space needs to welcome a wide range of workers from different organisations, it’s critical that its design is inviting and open. WeWork’s office in Beijing achieved exactly this by using plants and eclectic furniture to create a calm and homely space that inspires creativity. It’s easy to imagine typing away on your laptop while sitting in one of the comfy lounges within this working space.

GIPHY, New York City

Image source: officesnapshots

GIPHY is in the business of fun and creativity, so it makes sense that their office is bold and animated. To give you an idea of what life is like working in this quirky office, there is a life-size horse statue wearing a rainbow lei in the lobby. Aside from the horse, one of our favourite design features in GIPHY’s New York office is the upside down garden, which resembles something out of a fantasy novel. Potted plants seemingly defy gravity as they hang upside down in front of a window overlooking New York.

CitiBank, Singapore

Image source: dezeen

Citibank Singapore recently opened a ‘banking conservatory’ in its office. As its name suggests, this workspace is located inside a glasshouse that looks more like a tropical jungle than a city office. The glass igloos that are scattered throughout this space make serene meeting places overlooking the lush gardens.

HOK, London

HOK, England

Image Source: Architizer

As a global architecture firm, HOK naturally designed its own office space. The first ​​LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold building in the United Kingdom, greenery and sustainability are the focus here at HOK. A long strip of grass runs through the central corridor, with low planters and long vines hanging along the walls, inviting employees to take a moment and relax.

Not only do they look great, but indoor plants purify the air, are allergy-friendly, and can help to section and office space. To find out about premium office plant hire in Sydney, get in touch with The Plant Man team today!

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