6 Cool Offices Featuring Indoor Plants

Think garden italy

Image Source: Architizer

Thinkgarden, Italy

These days, many companies are investing in offices that are cool and unique. A far cry from traditional cubicles and grey walls, companies these days are investing in spaces that engage their employees. From chill zones and ping pong tables to full stocked fridges and nap pods, offices have come a long way.

Even so, we can’t go past those funky corporate spaces that have decided to go green and fill their rooms with plants and ferns. Here are some of our favourite picks.

Based in Milan, Italy, Thinkgarden is a dedicated experiential workspace that calls itself a “creative business lounge”. Nature surrounds the employees at this flexible workplace, with an interior garden with flowering trees and shrubs, as well as bright pink and red tulips scattered around. The company also makes good use of height, with indoor plants of all sizes being used to create breakout spaces and meeting areas.

Game Freak, Japan

Game Freak Japan

Image Source: Canuch

Game Freak is a Japanese video game company best known for developing the Pokemon game series. Having moved into a new office location in 2020, the company’s motif for office design is “Pokemon Red and Green”. In the lobby area and meeting rooms, elements of the game’s “Viridian Forest” can be found with vertical gardens as well as large planter boxes nestled in boardroom tables.

HOK, England

HOK, England

Image Source: Architizer

As a global architecture firm, it makes sense that HOK would design its own office space. The first ​​LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold building in the United Kingdom, greenery and sustainability are the focus here at HOK. A long strip of grass runs through the central corridor, with low planters and long vines hanging along the walls, inviting employees to take a moment and relax.

Roman Klis, Germany

Roman Klis, Germany

Image source: Supplied by Roman Klis Design

Roman Klis Design’s new headquarters in Herrenberg, Germany have been called “the Maldives of design”, with lush greenery and plants at every turn. Gorgeous vines, ferns and other plants are suspended from the ceiling, overflowing from sleek white planters while multi-storey pots are scattered throughout the rooms. The company reports that the new interior not only increased humidity from 13% to 44% but also decreased the number of employee sick days by 50%!

Urban Outfitters, USA

Image source: MSR Design

Urban Outfitter’s corporate campus is housed in Philadelphia’s historic Navy Yard, and its design has naturally taken inspiration from the industrial nature of the space. Iron and steel railings are contrasted with towering bamboo plants, while lush indoor trees take full advantage of the sky-high ceilings. Meanwhile, meeting areas are surrounded by stone planters and leafy ferns, as well as stunning indoor garden zones.

Trend Micro, Egypt

Image source: Supplied by Trend Micro

Trend Micro’s offices in Cairo were designed by Dalia Sadany Dezines, who chose to pay tribute to Ancient Egyptian history. Although the stand-out features of the building are usually the cybersecurity museum with its artefacts and wall claddings, we love the living wall art that adorns the walls, with vertical gardens making an appearance amidst the sleek black and chrome.

Not only do they look great, but indoor plants purify the air, are allergy-friendly, and can help to section and office space. To find out about premium office plant hire in Sydney, get in touch with The Plant Man team today!