5 Simple Ways to Style Your Workspace with Office Planter Boxes

Have an empty corridor in your office or a stairwell that’s not living up to its potential? Then it’s time to introduce new creative energy to your office in the form of a stylish planter box.

A planter box is a container that displays live plants either indoors or outdoors. They come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes, making them an incredibly versatile decorative feature that can hang on window sills, along stairwells or even double as a room divider.
Unleash your inner interior designer with our top tips for transforming dull workplaces into vibrant creative spaces using office planter boxes.

Creating spectacular displays of office storage with planter boxes

It’s safe to say that the traditional filing cabinet is an eye sore. A dull storage cabinet covered in spare stationery can knock several interior design points off even the most stylish office in the world. 

Turn your office’s file storage into a lush sculpture using a rectangular planter box. In addition to discouraging people from leaving their used coffee mugs on top of storage units, filing cabinet planter boxes are a simple way to integrate plants into your office without mixing up your entire layout. 
Most indoor plants are suited to office storage planter boxes. Some of our favourite plants that are reliable in brightening up any office storage cabinet include Snake Plants, Zamios, Peace Lilies and Pothos.

Top planter box ideas

In need of more planter box inspiration? Look no further than our favourite planter box ideas.

Hanging planter box

Hanging planter boxes are a fun solution to limited office space. With their smaller design, hanging planter boxes can easily be set up on almost any surface in your office – including empty walls or courtyards.

Add intrigue to your workspace with a hanging planter box that’s set atop dividers in open plan offices or along room screens. Hanging planter boxes also offer you the chance to play with vertical space by incorporating a crawling plant, such as a Pothos, so that its leaves dangle off the side.

Stairwell planter box

Transform your stairwell into the focal point of your room by installing a planter box alongside the railing. This contemporary style of planter box works well in lobbies and reception areas, drawing the eye of visitors upwards and welcoming them into the office.

As stairwells typically have muted colours, consider using colourful plants for your stairwell planter box to create a welcoming, vibrant atmosphere. Chinese Evergreens, for example, are a richly coloured plant that are ideal for planter boxes.

Window planter box

Don’t exile nature to the other side of your window. A window planter box can frame your office’s view with greenery and provide your plants with the perfect setting to bathe in the sunshine.

Because window planter boxes receive a lot of light, it’s important that you choose the plants within them wisely. Sansevieria or Snake plants and Crassula Jade plants are two great options for your window planter box as they benefit from direct sunlight. 

Table planter box

Assume there’s no way you can make your staff kitchen table more visually appealing?

Think again. The table planter box is a fantastic way to infuse your office kitchen with a more relaxing feeling. Not only are they simple to install and maintain, they also help to revive your staff during their lunch break by providing them with their daily dose of nature.

Other indoor planter box ideas

Planter boxes allow greater creativity in room design by blending practical features with gorgeous plants. Why have a normal boring lounge when you could have a unique piece of furniture that is simultaneously a lounge and a plant? Why settle for a plain room divider when the alternative is using an eye-catching installation that incorporates a vertical garden?

There are countless different ways to incorporate planter boxes in an office space using existing structures and empty space. If you have a vacant space in your office, whether it’s on the floor or wall, then there’s a high likelihood that it would benefit from a planter box.

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Improving your office’s design doesn’t have to be costly or complicated

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