Why Working With Plants is Better than Working with People

Why Working With Plants is Better than Working with People

Ask any plant care worker and they’ll tell you that plants make better colleagues than people. After all, you don’t have to worry about Fiddle Leaf Figs forgetting to clean up their lunch in the staff kitchen or Snake Plants gossiping too loudly in the open plan office.

Most of us begrudgingly accept our co-workers’ quirks. But what if you were able to have colleagues whose biggest quirk was their love of filtered light?

Here are our top reasons for why careers working with plants are better than careers working with people.

Jobs Working with Plants Offer More Variety

You can hardly expect plants to drive in for a weekly staff meeting at the office.

People who work with plants aren’t stuck in one location: they get to travel to new places and explore the many different places that plants call home. From manicuring outdoor ornamental plants to caring for indoor bamboo palms, horticulturists never have to worry about tedious or repetitive work days.

Working with plants does more than just relieve boredom. Not being tied down to an office comes with a range of health benefits, from getting your blood flowing to ensuring your body receives its daily dose of Vitamin D.

Naturally, sitting down at a desk and staring at a computer screen 9 to 5 isn’t healthy for your mind or your body. Horticulturists are liberated from spending their working day trapped inside a stuffy, lifeless office.

Working with plants means you get to work both indoors and outdoors, so you can say goodbye to that headache-inducing blue light blaring from your work computer screen.

Horticulturists are constantly learning

Office jobs can feel relentless with an endless stream of repetitive, mind-numbing tasks. Doing the same thing every day, without any opportunity to use or enrich your mind, is frustrating to say the least.

Life is never dull around plants. Did you know that scientists have discovered around 390,900 plants worldwide? That’s 390,900 plant species with different characteristics, unique needs and distinct appearances.

Of course, you won’t find all of them in Australia, but Australia does boast a wide variety of fascinating flora. Even if you spent a lifetime studying plants, you still won’t uncover all of their many secrets.

Horticulturists are constantly learning about new plants and discovering how to best take care of them. When you are a plant care worker, you can use this knowledge to beautify your own backyard or impress your friends and family with plant facts.

Did you know that indoor plants can absorb carcinogens? Or that an indoor Fiddle Leaf Fig can live for 25 -50 years?

Just two more reasons why plants make more interesting colleagues than humans.

Careers working with plants relieve stress – for both you and others

We all know that plants are important for the environment. But did you know that plants do more for us than just provide oxygen?

Plants are extremely accomplished in their ability to help others. Studies have proven that indoor plants can improve your mood, reduce fatigue and the frequency of headaches, ease respiratory ailments, boost creativity and may even help you recover from an illness faster.

This is hardly surprising. Humans thrive amongst nature – nobody is well suited for the lifeless, concrete environments that many of us are forced to inhabit nowadays.

When your job revolves around outdoor and indoor plant maintenance, you are helping to provide an environment where people can be more relaxed, productive and creative. Making the world a bit more beautiful is an especially rewarding task, and seeing a plant thrive after investing so much time and effort into its growth is inspiring to say the least.

However, it’s not just the end result of a healthy, well-manicured plant that inspires tranquillity. If you’re passionate about plants, you already know that the actual process of tending to plants daily is therapeutic. Mindfulness and nature go hand in hand, meaning plant care is a great way to clear your head and enjoy what the world has to offer.

Stress and plants are mutually exclusive concepts. So, while your human co-workers may be guilty of inciting stress, plant colleagues do the exact opposite.

Enjoy the work you do

You spend most of your time working, so why shouldn’t it be fun?

Turn your passion for plants into a career and make everyone’s day greener. Our Indoor Plant Hire in Sydney offers a wide range of careers suitable for any budding plant enthusiast.

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