Top 5 Plants for Planter Boxes in the Office

More and more businesses want to use plants to go in planter boxes on top of storage units in their offices. They’re a great way to brighten up boring functional pieces of furniture (and they do a great job stopping office clutter from being thrown on top of them).

We’ve selected our five favourite plants to use in planter boxes, all of which work really well inside and in all light locations.

Sansevaria plants on tambour planter

Sansevaria plants on tambour planter

Also known as snake plants, these are excellent potted plants to use as it’s spectacular and thrives in most light conditions. With its long and thin shape, it’s a very different looking plant, perfect if you’re not after something too leafy and green.

Zamio plants on tambour planter

Zanzibar Gem

Popularly called the ZZ plant, the Zanzibar Gem has a wide variety. It consists of beautiful green and waxy foliage. The plant itself looks very different to other indoor plants and can also grow to be quite tall. It doesn’t need much water and is fairly tough. We think they’re beautiful, incredibly different to other types of plants that can be grown indoors.

Kentia plants on tambour planter

Kentia Palm

This is the tallest plant you could use on a storage unit and is perfect for screening. It comes out of the box tall and will continue to grow. As it’s a palm, it’ll add a bit of a tropical feel to space. You may mix and match these with a variety of containers that can be handpainted.

Happy plants on tambour planter

Happy Plant

This eye-catching plant grows in all conditions indoors. It will generally have three or fours trunks at different heights giving it a lush thick look. The happy plant starts at a medium height but will continue to grow. This is great if you want thicker plants with a vertical accent on your units.


The Aglaonema or Chinese Evergreen plant is where you can get some colour into your installation with deep red or light pink coloured leaves. The Aglaonema is naturally vibrant and has soft leaves. This really is a beautiful plant, it adds colours to your space like no other plant would which is its unique feature.

Does My Plant to Go in Plant Boxes Need Drainage?

All plants need a good amount of drainage.

What Type of Plant Containers Should I Use?

There are a variety of materials you can use as planting beds to drain excess water from the plant. The planting bed must also have space for air to reach the roots so the plants can thrive. Planting beds are also called planters and are irregular in shape, unlike most pots that are circular. Planters can house more than one plant making it a preferred choice among plant enthusiasts.

Find out which type of planters are suitable for specific plants.

  1. Concrete Planters
    Concrete or cement planters are ideal for outdoor spaces. They are better to be used on the floor than on shelves since they break easily when knocked over from an elevated space. Concrete planters can withstand wind and rain and are hard to move. However, chips and cracks can make it unappealing. Concrete planters are great for huge plants that need a lot of insulation such as trees and shrubs, vegetables, herbs, flowers and perennials.

    Pro Planting Tip: Some concrete planters have saucers which could leave the roots wet for a long time resulting in rotting. Choose saucers that can be detached to allow the soil to drain easily.
  2. Plastic Planters
    Lightweight plants that need a lot of moisture thrive well in plastic planters. These are also an inexpensive option and safe for indoors especially if you have children. if you are growing food, plastic might not be a safe option. You may choose BPA free plastic planters free of chemicals if this is the case. Plastic planters can be recycled but they should be kept from extreme heat to avoid breakage. We also don’t recommend using pesticide on plastic planters as they may react with the plastic.

    Do You Really Need a Drainage Hole in Your Plant Pots?

    Yes, you do. This allows roots to breathe and water to penetrate through the soil. Drainage holes in plants to go with planter boxes also flush out salt in the soil. Salts can be caused by fertilizers added to the soil.

How Do You Use Pots Without Drainage Holes?

Some pots function as decorative pots so they don’t have holes, so if you want to use them, you can place your plant on a soft pot with a drainage hole and place it over a decorative pot so it still looks good and drains properly.

What Plants Can Grow in Pots Without Drainage Holes

You’d be surprised to know there are those rare species of plants that grow in planter boxes without drainage when properly taken care of.

  1. Chinese Evergreen
    This plant loves moisture but the water must not be stagnant or it will rot. You can install a pond or fountain to keep this plant hydrated.
  2. Coleus
    Coleus has vibrant foliage and is a perfect plant to go with planter boxes that don’t have drainage holes. Like the Chinese Evergreen, Coleus plants love moist soil, but the soil should not be soggy as well. Keep this plant hydrated to avoid it from drying up.
  3. Autograph Tree
    Clusia Rosea is another term for this unique plant. It has thick and shiny leaves that require lots of sunlight to grow. An interesting fact about this plant is that it survives even periods of drought, but ideally, you should place water on it.
  4. Flamingo
    The flamingo plant or also known as a tail flower or anthurium needs moderate sunlight to bloom. it grows best in cool temperatures. It just needs to be watered once a week.
  5. Container Gardening Care
    Make your plants in planter boxes thrive by cleaning plant containers regularly.  You can clean this by removing excess water and wiping the base and sides with a regular cloth. Plastic containers also need to be kept away from extreme heat to lengthen their lifespan. Ceramic containers should not be watered after being exposed to extreme heat to avoid chips and cracks.

Taking care of plants is a lot of work. Install and maintain beautiful plants in your office or backyard with planter boxes in Sydney. Contact The Plant Man at (02) 9565 4440 today.