Top 5 plants to go in planter boxes on the top of storage units.

More and more businesses we are working with want to use planter boxes on top of storage units in their offices, they’re a great way to brighten up boring functional pieces of furniture (and they do a great job stopping office clutter being thrown on top of them).

We’ve selected our five favourite plants to use in planter boxes, all of which work really well inside and in all light locations.


This is an excellent plant to use as its spectacular and thrives in most light conditions. With it’s long and thin shape it’s a very different looking plant, perfect if you’re not after something too leafy and green.

Zanzibar Gem

A very different variety of leaf on the Zanzibar Gem, it’s a beautiful green and deliciously waxy. The plant itself looks very different to other indoor plants and can also grow to be quite tall. It doesn’t need much water and is fairly tough. We think they’re beautiful, incredibly different to other plants that can be grown indoors.


Kentia Palm

The tallest plant you could use on a storage unit, and great for screening. It comes out of the box tall and will continue to grow. As it’s a palm it’ll add a bit of a tropical feel to space.

Happy Plant

A beautiful plant that grows in all conditions indoors. Has a stunning green leaf and a trunk that the leaves grow off. It will generally have three or fours trunks at different heights giving it a lush thick look. Starts at a medium height but will continue to grow. Great if you want a thicker plant on your units.



The Aglonema is where you can get some colour into your installation with a deep red or light pink coloured leaf. The Aglaonema adds colours that other plants don’t have and has a beautiful soft leaf. This really is a beautiful plant, a real point of difference and can be a feature plant or just to add a pop of colour.