How We Choose The Perfect Indoor Plant Pots For Your Office

Too many people ignore the immense power of a good indoor plant pot.

Even the most majestic plant in the world can be compromised by a low-grade pot. But choosing the right plant pot is about more than just finding a pretty colour that matches your wall paint. Your plant pot can enhance more than just the appearance of your plant – it can completely transform your entire office design. In a sense, a plant’s pot is equally as important as the plant itself.

So, how do you choose the perfect indoor plant pot for your workspace

Choosing the perfect indoor plant pots for your office

At The Plant Man, we specialise in designing, installing and maintaining indoor plants to enhance your office environment.

Part of the exciting process of choosing your display involves selecting the perfect indoor plant pots to show them off to their best advantage and ensure they have the right environment to thrive in. 

Here’s how our experts match your precious plant with its perfect pot or container. 

Size matters

Pothos in Corrinda bowl hanging

Before you can start choosing colours and finishes, it’s important to ensure that your office pot plants have a perfectly-sized home for now and for the future. While they will inevitably need a new pot just after purchase, you should also consider whether your plant is fast or slow-growing and how often it will need repotting in the future. Consider the plant of tomorrow – not just today.

Proportions are important too. There’s no point in overwhelming a small plant in a huge container. Take care to match your plant to its new home, taking aesthetics into consideration too.

Drainage and porousness

Adequate drainage is essential if your indoor plant is to avoid root rot. If its grow pot doesn’t have a drainage hole built in, rocks can be added at the bottom to create space for excess water to filter away. Porous pots made from materials such as terracotta, wood or earthenware are not recommended for office indoor areas as the water seepage can cause slip hazards. Pots should be water tight with enough room for the plant’s grow pot to sit comfortably inside.

Good looks

Custom Trough Spath breakout area
And on the all-important question of good looks: your plant is intended to enhance your environment so we take care to get the vibe right by selecting pots that bring out its best features. Dramatic indoor plants such as Sansevieria look extra-striking in large cement-coloured pots. Or you can opt for a minimalist look with black or white planters. Smaller, trailing plants such as ivy varieties can be accommodated in a hanging display that really brings the outside in!

What are the different types of indoor plant pots?

Now that we’ve covered the characteristics of a good plant pot, let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of indoor plant pots.

Ceramic pots

Ceramic pots are a favourite amongst indoor plant owners. Soil within a ceramic pot can absorb moisture better than it can plastic or metal pots, meaning it is less likely to dry out quickly. 

Another great benefit of ceramic pots is that they come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. No matter what your style or aesthetic is, you’ll definitely be able to find a ceramic pot that perfectly encapsulates it.

Plastic pots

Moving your indoor plant within a ceramic pot to follow the sun is a workout in its own right. Plastic pots are a lightweight alternative to ceramic pots that are easy to move, ensuring that it receives the right conditions to encourage growth. They’re also easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally breaking your pot when giving it a wipe down.

Plant pots vs planter boxes: which should you use?

Plant pots are traditionally round containers that house a single plant. Meanwhile, planter boxes are designed to hold multiple plants and therefore come in a greater variety of shapes.

Planter boxes and plant pots achieve two very distinct looks. If you have an empty space that you want to fill with a sophisticated centrepiece, office planter boxes are an excellent choice. On the other hand, plant pots are great at bringing life to smaller spaces such as desks and shelves.

But that’s not to say you have to choose one over the other. Why not combine the two and echo the colours of your focal planter box throughout the entire room with complementing plant pots? 

What are the best pots to use for large indoor plants?

You’ll want to find a pot that both protects your plant and ensures it remains the starring feature of your room. 

Clay pots are a great choice for large indoor plant pots as they’re heavy enough to ground the plant. But no matter what material you choose, make sure to double check that your pot also has drainage holes before planting a large plant within it. 

Size is another critical thing to consider when finding the perfect pot for a large indoor plant. Choose a pot that’s too small and you may very well arrive at your office one day to discover that your plant has turned into a tripping hazard. Avoid filling out unnecessary WHS paperwork by selecting a pot that’s about 2 inches larger than the plant itself. 

Has all this talk about lush, green indoor plants got your appetite going? To find out how a beautiful display can enhance your office environment, contact us at The Plant Man. We specialise in bringing pleasure by designing, installing and maintaining indoor plants in Sydney.

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