Should Your Office Buy or Hire Plants?

Deciding to bring plants into the office is the first step to a healthier, more vibrant working environment. Humans are designed to live surrounded by the natural world and bringing that indoors is a quick way to relieve stress, manage well-being and clear some of the toxins that tend to accumulate in offices.

Buying Office Plants

The major advantage of buying these plants is the satisfaction of doing each step of the process yourself. This can involve sourcing the right vendors, researching which plants are best suited to your office, and picking the right pots, fertiliser and topping mulch to balance functionality with style.

Then come some fun decisions like where each type of plant will thrive, do they need a warmer, sunnier spot or can they survive the breeze and cold of an air-conditioning vent? And finally you get to lavish some love on the plants themselves, watering, trimming and wiping away dust, helping them grow and thrive under your care.

It really is a passion project, requiring dedication, a green thumb, plenty of time and the help of some co-workers to make sure that each plant gets the attention and maintenance that it needs. However, do it right, and it can be extremely satisfying to see your office transformed into an energetic, healthy, green space.

Hiring Office Plants

The major advantage of hiring plants is that a dedicated specialist does all this for you!
Choosing, growing and maintaining plants may not be for everyone and having someone who knows their Aglonema from their Zanzibar Gem can be a big help. A proper office plant hire specialist should be there at every step of the process.

They can help with design: Indoor landscaping and design requires an eye for detail and plenty of experience understanding how plants fit into the layout and style of an office. They can transform plants from that sad, forgotten Ficus in the corner to a stunning, central feature of your office.

They will do the installation for you: Beyond just physically bringing the plants into the office a plant hire specialist understands how air quality, light, humidity and temperature all affect the internal workings of plants and where they are most likely to thrive.

You can relax as they take care of the maintenance: Perhaps the most difficult part of having plants is keeping them alive! To maintain a happy and healthy portfolio they need specialised care, and your plant hire expert knows how much water, food and attention each plant needs, pruning and shining the plants so that they always look hale healthy and hearty.

Plant replacement, relocation and pot changes: Even with the best care things can go wrong and sometimes plants start to look tired, need to change pots to suit the latest style or just need to be relocated to a new office, which a plant hire company can do free of charge.

Cost effective service: When adding up the cost of labour, plant replacements, installation and maintenance it is often cheaper to hire plants than buy them outright.

So if all of this sound like a lot of fun, and something that you can dedicate yourself to for the long run, then buying plants is definitely for you. However, if you want the expertise, eye for detail and dedicated care of a specialist then hiring plants and having an expert take care of the design and maintenance of your office is the right choice for you.