The Best Office Plants For Your Workplace

Pothos Hanging Staff Breakout Area

Looking for an effective way to transform your office space? Add some indoor plants. Not only will they look great, they will also help improve air quality, enhance wellbeing and spruce up your environment, making it a pleasure to work in.

We take the hard work out of choosing from the endless varieties. Check out our list of the top five best indoor plants trends that will make your office an oasis of greenery.

1. Kentia palm

This beauty provides a tropical looking display, but it’s real appeal lies in its low maintenance nature. Happy in low light conditions and in a range of temperatures, indoor plants like the Kentia palm will make reliable office mates rewarding you with their lush, verdant display.

2. Peace lily

The generous leaves and beautiful white flowers of the peace lily make it an attractive option for the office, and they are surprisingly easy indoor plants to maintain. Providing a beautiful focus for your environment, this favourite will impress visitors to your office and ensure that you love spending time there.

3. Mother-in-law’s tongue

You can’t go wrong with this versatile plant. Its spiky shape adds interest to your workspace, and it works hard to enhance humidity and filter out toxins in the environment. You can arrange it in a series of small containers or larger pots, depending on your space. Either way, it will look stunning!

4. Aspidistra

This favourite indoor plant has large, lush leaves and a distinctive shape that looks great in any indoor environment. Available in green or variegated varieties, it isn’t fussy about where it sits and requires only the simplest of maintenance. The perfect office companion.

5. Bamboo palm

You can have great fun creating a dramatic display with bamboo palms – grouped together these indoor plants really do give the impression of bringing the outdoors in. Along with their ability to filter out toxins from the environment and increase humidity, they offer health benefits too.

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