5 Reasons You Need a Plant Expert on Your Next Commercial Project

Most of the world is discovering the environmental benefits of green buildings. Commercial businesses and offices are investing in green spaces because of their clear health benefits including improved air quality, decreased noise pollution, and stress alleviation to name a few. Not to mention, bringing green from the outside is one of the newest emerging design trends.

It is not enough to randomly find plants, pot them up, and put them inside buildings. Not all of them will thrive in confined commercial spaces and that is why you need to hire plant specialists in Sydney. It is important to hire plant experts on your next project because they have the knowledge and expertise to draw up efficient designs and plans for green space. Doing so will ensure that the plants will flourish for years to come with customised care, plant protection, and maintenance.

For corporate plantscaping or interior landscape design, hiring an expert is the right move. If you need more convincing, below are five more reasons why you should hire them for your next commercial project.

In-depth Knowledge and Experience – Office plant hire companies like The Plant Man are called experts for a reason. With over thirty years of hands-on experience working for clients across multiple industries, they are equipped with the knowledge and wisdom to provide for your plant design wants and needs.

Saves Time – There are so many things that go into developing commercial buildings and it is crucial that things are done on time. When you go with a professional, you are assured that you get the results that you want on time. They also work with other professionals such as architects, builders, and interior designers to ensure smooth workflow from reviewing your design concept to installing the plants based on the approved plans.

Saves Money – Professionals take the guesswork out of how to provide the best care for the plants and greenery. Overwatering or underwatering plants can destroy them and there are drainage issues to worry about. Plant experts are adept at efficient irrigation techniques that provide the appropriate amount of water to plants for optimal growth.

Customised Care and Protection – Green space projects may end after installation but the need to care for the plants will not. If you want to keep them looking green and fresh, the same professionals who installed them will also do a good job of ensuring the maintenance of the greenery.

Most plants have independent needs, and they are affected based on the environment they are placed in. For example, plants near heaters and cooling ducts will need a different kind of care for those that are placed near windows and open spaces. Plant specialists will develop indoor plant maintenance that takes these factors and schedule into consideration. As the seasons change, some plants need additional care than others as well.

Unparalleled Customer Service and Care – With your best interests at heart, plant specialists will ensure that any concerns will be taken care of. You can decide for the plant hire team to care for the plants outside business hours or as discreetly as possible. They can cater to any additional plant needs, greenery rearrangement, and more.

The Plant Man is one of the most distinguished leaders in the plant hire industry in Sydney. With over  thirty years of passionate commitment to their clients, you can expect quality service and attention to detail. For your plant hire projects and other needs, you can contact them by phone on (02) 9565 4440 for a consultation.