4 Office Decor Ideas to Revamp Your Workspace

As employees begin to return to offices, employers all around Australia are thinking of different ways to make corporate spaces more appealing. Given the blend of working remotely and heading into the office has changed significantly, many companies are embracing the concept of “resimercial” design. This design concept combines aspects of the home with a contemporary office space – mirroring the changes in company culture, which aim to make a business more welcoming to its employees. So, how can you revamp your workspace in 2021? Here are a few ideas!

Create break-out spaces

Although open-plan offices are now the norm in many companies, there are still plenty of situations where having separate, dedicated spaces is crucial. While some companies are investing in moveable dividers, others are also experiencing the benefits of using indoor plants. A tall plant placed next to your desk, some large planter boxes, or a few hanging plants create a natural partition whilst also looking attractive. 

Connect with local artists

As offices become less corporate and more creative, paintings and decorations are appearing on walls as a way to brighten up the office. However, rather than buying a painting online, why not connect with some local artists? Check out galleries in your area or ask around about neighbourhood street artists and find one who can create an artwork for your office. Not only is this a fantastic way to support the community, but it also positions your company as empathetic and authentic.

Create an accent wall

There’s a reason many homes have an accent wall, and it’s because it draws the idea and brings in a breath of fresh air. Consider painting one wall in your office a bright and bold colour while leaving the rest of the space light and neutral. Alternatively, why not look into making a vertical garden wall or indoor living wall art? These are walls that are covered in plants and grown via a hydroponic or other system and truly bring the outdoors within your four walls.

Encourage healthy eating

Studies have shown that we’re not meant to sit at our desks for eight hours a day, and while encouraging movement and exercise is important, diet also plays a big part in staying healthy. We recommend investing in a regular fruit delivery and placing a big bowl of fresh apples, oranges, bananas and other fruits in the kitchen area. While you’re at it, why not supply the office with some healthy snacks as well, like almonds, granola or yoghurt? And, if you want to go the extra mile, scatter some fresh potted herbs around the room to complete the mood.

There’s nothing quite like a bright and colourful workspace, filled with gorgeous plants and greenery. To find out how you can brighten up your office space, get in touch with our team today.