For your Home: the Top 10 Vertical Garden Ideas You Need to See

vertical garden

Vertical gardening is becoming more and more popular throughout the world, especially in cities, where a lack of living space means that people have to get creative with the space they have.

You could always buy a few basic tools to help you with building your own vertical garden systems but since we’re not all designers, here are some vertical garden design ideas that will give you a good idea of just how much planting you can do in small spaces – if you plant your garden upwards!

1. Vertical Recycled Pallet Planter for your home

This is a cheap and easy one to set up on a balcony or terrace. You only need a pallet (preferably one that has not been treated with chemicals). To close up the gaps, you can simply staple landscaping fabric to the pallet and that’s it!

2. Stacked Planter in Your Vertical Garden

This planter is made by starting with a large pot and stacking smaller and smaller pots on top of each other. To stabilise it, use a centre rod that fits through the holes at the bottom of the pots.

3. Hanging Plank Garden for your home rental

If you’re renting a small space and don’t want to be drilling many holes into the walls, consider drilling just two into the ceiling and creating a hanging planter. Planks attached to the ropes on either end with holes cut into them serve as holders for your pots.

4. Hanging Gutter Vertical Garden Plants

You can make a hanging gutter garden to hang from a patio roof or other small home spaces. All you need is some rope or chains, lengths of PVC or metal gutters, and something to make drainage holes with. This gives your work area a beautiful dimension and is soothing to the eyes.

5. Trellis Planter Holder Vertical Garden Design

If you have one trellis or several, they don’t have to stand naked or be only for climbing plants. With a little bit of tinkering, you can attach planters to them and have an instant vertical garden!

6. Chicken Wire Vertical Gardening System

You can create a vertical planter holder around your home office desk with one very simple material – chicken wire! Stretch it out between two posts (a third horizontal post on top is desirable for extra structural integrity) and by using metal or plastic hooks, you can attach all sorts of planters in whatever pattern you like!

7. Art Frames for Beautiful Vertical Garden Paintings

Why not use frames for paintings to create a living work of art right inside your home office? Just add a layer of polyamide felt to the back of the frame, cover it with a thin layer of earth from the top (while this is optional, this will give you the best results) and then attach another layer of polyamide felt to the frame, over the earth, from the front. You can then plant succulents, mosses, and other plants that don’t need much soil. Hang it up, and you’ve got a beautiful, framed, living green painting to look at for some easy stress busting!

8. Kitchen Herbs and Spices in a Vertical Gardening System

It’s lunch time and you’d love some fresh garnish to make your everyday meal a bit more exciting. Fresh cilantro, oregano or maybe sage? Get a few boards and hammer some nails into them in a way that they will firmly hold a pot or mason jar in place. There you can grow fresh herbs and spices, and when you’ve used them up, just remove the planter, replant and go again and all of this is possible even in the smallest spaces.

9. Old Logs and Driftwood as Vertical Gardening Planters? Yes!

If you ever come across old logs or driftwood washed up, think about whether it can serve as  a planter for a vertical garden. Often these pieces of wood will have empty or rotten-out cores. They can be cleaned up and plants planted in them. Then you just stand them up, and voila ! You have an all-natural, zero-cost vertical planter!

10. Stack Crates for a Stacked Garden

You can use wooden or plastic crates (such as milk crates) stacked on the edges of the ones below them and reinforced with planks or other stabilising material (even tightly-tied string or rope) to create an appealing garden that makes maximum use of the available space. You can stack them quite high as well. Just make sure to stabilise them well – better safe than sorry!

Of course, in order to benefit from a vertical garden in your office and if you don’t have the time or expertise to make such an installation, you can always get professionals to create a beautiful, lush vertical garden for your office space.

At The Plant Man, we have been designing green elements and planting plants in offices and commercial settings since 1991. Check out our  ‘Living Art Frames’ that could add a touch of opulence to any office environment.  Contact us now to chat about what we can create for you!