Office Plant Hire Olympic Park

The Plant Man has built its stellar reputation on understanding the needs of its clients and working tirelessly to award them the exemplary service and care that they need to transform their offices into world-class green spaces.

Redeveloped for the Olympics from industrial, and often contaminated, land, Sydney Olympic Park Homebush has been transformed into a multipurpose district of offices, residential buildings and cultural spaces. It has a strong focus on restoring the natural assets of the suburb and many businesses are following suit.

The Plant Man, as an award winning plant hire specialist, is the perfect partner to help businesses in this endeavour, with the knowledge and experience to help design, install and ultimately maintain beautiful office plant arrangements.

Why the choose The Plant Man in Olympic Park?

Horticulture is a blend of science and art, and not everyone has the right experience and dedication to do it right. The Plant Man is constantly updating it techniques and skills to ensure that we can do right by our clients and plants and keep the offices in Olympic Park healthy and vibrant.

The Plant Man has invested decades in building its repertoire of plant designs and understanding the intricacies of cultivation in environments arenโ€™t necessarily the easiest for plants to thrive in. We have used the full scope of our experience to build a service that is completely holistic, from the first steps in designing your installation to ongoing maintenance.

When you first engage our services we begin by listening to your ideas for how you wish to introduce plants to your office and reviewing the style and details of your business space. We then advise you on which plants we believe would best suit your officeโ€™s unique environment and help you pick from our extensive catalogue of designs the arrangements and plants that will complement your existing style.

After installation we ensure that your plants remain vibrant by providing expert maintenance of your plants, including watering, polishing and fertilising, and free replacement for any plants that might become tired or damaged over time.

The advantages of hiring The Plant Man

Aesthetic experience: It takes decades to truly perfect the art of plant design and we are constantly updating how we approach modern, stylish interior plant styling. With our experience we can help create unique spaces that inspire employees and clients alike.

Affordability: Our packages are holistic, and this is part of what makes them so affordable, with design, installation and maintenance all included, it often comes out cheaper than buying plants outright.

Plant health impacts: The modern office can be filled with unhealthy air and stifling greyness. Plants are proven solutions to improving employee moral, purifying office air from dangerous toxins and leaching the heat from hot summer days.

To find out more about The Plant Man in Sydney Olympic Park Homebush, please call us on 02 9565 4440.