How to choose the best floor plants for your office

The pot plant is a fantastic choice as a floor ornament for offices, gracing indoor spaces for centuries they are a timeless classic that can turn an unassuming corner green and vibrant or create an impressive promenade for potential clients to appreciate.

More than anything they are flexible, able to work as a lone centrepiece or as part of a wider display, and can be tailored to suit the style and atmosphere of your office space.

Some tips on how to choose the right floor plant:

  • Deciding on the right floor plant can be tricky, however following a couple of rules can help you make the best choice to brighten up your office.
  • Probably the key decision you have to make is what type of plant will suit the particular environment of your office. Take a look at the spaces that you want to populate and write down the kind of conditions the plant will be exposed to. Is it hot or cold? Near an air conditioner or vent? Does it receive full, partial or no natural light?
  • Remember these plants will grow in a pot so will have a smaller environment for their roots than some plants will accept. Armed with this information you can do some research on the types of plants that will be able to grow well in these conditions.
  • After focusing on the practical considerations it is just as important to think about the aesthetic choices that you are making. Not every plant will suit the decorative style of your workspace and you should think about the form just as much as the environmental concerns.
  • The lush elegance of the Kentia Palm in a woven floor pot might suit an office in an older building with period architecture and wooden floors, while the clean lines and simple colours of the Snake Plant in a square concrete pot would work wonderfully in a modern, minimalist workspace.
  • It is important to choose a style and stick with it, there is nothing worse than pairing a tropical palm with a continental shrub and calling it a day.

That being said here are the five best floor plants for offices:

Happy Plant

The Happy Plant with its streaked light and dark green leaves is a native plant from tropical Africa. It is a beautiful and popular plant for larger pots and can grow up to two metres tall. Preferring sunlight and warmer temperatures it is a great choice for sunnier parts of the office that allow it the space and energy to grow.

Kentia Palm

The kentia palm, native to Australia, is a classic choice for a casual, breathy island vibe. It grows slowly and well in both light and dark conditions and works as both a smaller pot plant or allowed to flourish into a larger tree.

Peace Lily

Flowering pure white bulbs that contrast their dark green leaves these lilies are perfect for smaller pots and darker spots in your office. They are low maintenance plants that will evoke a lavish look with very little effort.


The sanseviera, mentioned earlier as the Snake Plant and also known as Mother in Laws Tongue, is as tough as it comes. Bold, spiked and smooth leaves that grow straight out of the soil it is the perfect plant to accompany even the blackest thumb.


The dragon tree has an audacious, care-free look created by its abundance of stiff leaves growing outwards from a single focal point. It is a medium sized floor plant that works beautifully in partial sunlight and can bring a splash of colour to drab office spaces.