How to Choose the Best Floor Plants for Your Office

The pot plant is a fantastic choice as a floor ornament for offices, gracing indoor spaces for centuries. They are a timeless classic that can turn an unassuming corner green into the room’s vibrant focal point or create an impressive promenade for potential clients to appreciate.

More than anything they are flexible, able to work as a lone centrepiece or as part of a wider display, and can be tailored to suit the style and atmosphere of your office space.

Steps to Choosing the Best Floor Plant

Deciding on the right floor plant can be tricky, however following a couple of rules can help you make the best choice to brighten up your office.

Consider the environment

Probably the key decision you have to make is what type of plant will suit the particular environment of your office. Take a look at the spaces that you want to populate and write down the kind of conditions the plant will be exposed to. Is it hot or cold? Near an air conditioner or vent? Does it receive full, partial or no natural light?

Don’t forget about aesthetics

After focusing on the practical considerations, it is just as important to think about the aesthetic choices that you are making. Not every plant will suit the decorative style of your workspace and you should think about the form just as much as the environmental concerns.

The lush elegance of the Kentia Palm in a woven floor pot might suit an office in an older building with period architecture and wooden floors, while the clean lines and simple colours of the Snake Plant in a square concrete pot would work wonderfully in a modern, minimalist workspace.

It is important to choose a style and stick with it, there is nothing worse than pairing a tropical palm with a continental shrub and calling it a day.

Selecting the right pot

When it comes to choosing indoor plants that will double as a room’s focal point, selecting the best pot is equally as important as picking out the right plant. Mirror the boldness of your tall floor plant with a vibrant pot in a complimenting colour. Or, if you’d prefer your floor plants to seamlessly blend in with the design of your room, opt for minimalist pots in a neutral tone.

Best Indoor Floor Plants

Whether you’re looking for a tall, elegant plant that will brighten up a forgotten corner in your office or a bold statement piece that will turn heads, here are some of the best indoor floor plants suited for workspaces.

Fiddle leaf fig

With its glossy, violin-shaped leaves, the Fiddle leaf fig is a striking addition to any workplace. This indoor floor plant can grow up to an impressive 10 feet tall, requiring only a moderate amount of moisture and partial shade to thrive.

If you have an empty corner in one of your meeting rooms, then it’s safe to say your office could benefit from welcoming this fast growing fig into your office floor plants collection.

Happy Plant

The Happy Plant with its streaked light and dark green leaves is a native plant from tropical Africa. It is a beautiful and popular plant for larger pots and can grow up to two metres tall. Preferring sunlight and warmer temperatures, the Happy Plant is a great choice for sunnier parts of the office that will provide it with sufficient space and energy to grow.

Money tree

Looking at this tropical indoor plant, it’s easy to understand why so many cultures view it as a symbol of luck. 

In nature, the money tree can grow up to an incredible 60 feet. Indoors, however, the money tree is luckily more manageable, growing up to around 6 or so feet tall. Leave your office’s money tree in indirect but bright light and watch it flourish in almost no time at all.

Madagascar dragon tree

The Madagascar dragon tree has been a staple of the indoor plant world since the 60s, thanks to its drought tolerant and ‘nearly indestructible’ reputation. Its spiky, sword-like leaves topped with red tips make an exotic addition to any indoor work space wanting to embrace a more rustic atmosphere.

If its spikes intrigue you, you’ll need to find a brightly lit spot for this bold indoor plant as it thrives in sunshine. 

Rubber tree

The resilient rubber tree is a tropical evergreen tree named after its waxy leaves. Native to South Asia, rubber trees prefer warm environments with 6-8 hours of bright indirect sunlight per day. To replicate its tropical homelands, water your rubber plant more frequently in summer and keep it in well-draining soil.

Apart from making a terrific statement piece, rubber trees are also renowned for their ability to cleanse the air. So, essentially, by introducing a rubber tree into your office, you are getting an air purifier that doubles as a living sculpture! 

Low Maintenance Floor Plants

Convinced that your office could be upgraded by a floor plant but uncertain by how green your thumb is? Below we’ve summarised some of our favourite low maintenance floor plants that are ideal for any kind of workplace.

Snake plant

The sanseviera, also known as the snake plant and also known as Mother in Laws Tongue, is as tough as it comes. Bold, spiked and smooth leaves that grow straight out of the soil it is the perfect plant to accompany even the blackest thumb.

Just make sure that you let your snake plant’s soil drain itself of water fully before you bring out the watering can again. The snake plant is relatively drought-resistant and should only be watered once a month during winter (for the rest of the year, once every fortnight is sufficient)/

Peace lily

Flowering pure white bulbs that contrast their dark green leaves, these lilies are perfect for smaller pots and darker spots in your office. They are low maintenance plants that will evoke a lavish look with very little effort. Water regularly and keep your peace lily in a bright spot without direct sunlight to ensure a happy plant.

Floor Plants for Low Light

Do you work in an office with limited light and windows that are reluctant to capture natural light? Then look no further than these floor plants that are hardy enough to rise to the challenge of brightening up your workspace.

Kentia palm 

The kentia palm, native to Australia, is a classic choice for a casual, breathy island vibe. It grows slowly and well in both light and dark conditions and works as both a smaller pot plant or allowed to flourish into a larger tree.


It’s impossible to talk about the best floor plants without mentioning the iconic monstera, also fondly referred to as the ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’. This tropical vine from South America (not Switzerland) is known for the distinctive lacy holes in its leaves. Monsteras typically like soil that is only somewhat moist, preferring to dry out between waters. Because they have aerial roots, there are few things that the monstera plant dislikes as much as soggy soil.

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