3 great summer plants to brighten up your office

The summer’s a great time to give your office a refresh and here are three plants that we think do a fantastic job of brightening up your office

Zanzibar Gem (Zamio)

Often seen as an un-killable indoor plant, so it’s perfect for an office. It doesn’t need masses amount of light and can cope with little water. There have been cases of people thinking their Zanzibars have actually died but then just a little taster of waters kicks them back into life.

In the wild it survives drought periods by disappearing and then resprouting when the rain arrives.

Tips for keeping your Zanzibar in good health…

Can cope with an amazing amount of light
Clean the leaves with a damp cloth
Water occasionally and less when it’s in low light, don’t over water
Choose a brightly lit spot

Crassula Jade


You may know this as the Jade Plant, friendship tree, lucky plant or money tree! Apparently people used to think that these plants used to give their owner additional wealth, we’re not sure about that as we have hundreds of them!

These are great houseplants but they do need a lot of light if you’re lucky enough to have one keep it in a west facing window in full light.

It’s best to allow the soil to become dry between each watering which will depend on the time of year, how much humidity and amount of sunlight it’s getting. Allowing too much water to sit at the bottom of the pot with the roots will cause them to rot.

Kentia Palm


Want to bring the tropical indoors, then you must have a Kentia Palm in your office! It’s a stunning plant and is so well suited for container growing, it’s extremely durable and slow growing.

A genuine Aussie native , it’s a native to Lord Howe Island and can reach up to 60ft. Don’t panic though when kept indoors we keep them between 5 and 12ft.

You can either put it in a really hot spot or a really dark spot, it doesn’t matter the kentia palm is highly adaptable.

If you want any of these plants in your office, then get in touch with us and we can come up with a plant plan to suit your needs.

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